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I liked the standards that are set for the students regarding their education. These standards allow for students to graduate with more credits that benefit them when they go to college.
Horrible school to be in and has horrible administration. Really bad with parents and students. They charge like 4k per student and school is basically falling apart.
What I liked about attending Faithe Christian Academy was the Bible classes, often times. Other than that, students are much better to go to public school. Don't waste your money on this poor quality and inconsiderate school.
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This school is ok. Teachers let their students get away with a lot. I think that's why a lot of students have really high grades because they prolong due dates for their students. There isn't really any struggle and there's really no way you can fail.
At Faith Christian Academy I liked the fact that we where able to have a bible class and chapel also a baseball team. I would change some of the teaching methods
Faith Christian Academy is an amazing school! I am currently a senior attending Faith and the amount of help we receive by our counselor is tremendous. The teachers and our classmates are very friendly and always taking part in our community.
They will admit anyone who gives them money.
There are no clubs here! AT ALL! This is a major issue when you get asked what clubs you are involved. There are extracurricular activities and each student is asked to take one, they are all daily. Drama, Art, Journalism (which is Yearbook here), Music, Computer Graphics, and that's it. These are held after lunch and before last period. But no clubs.

Sports are available in a semi-wide range. Football, basketball (that's what our school is recognized in a state level), track, baseball, soccer, recently added cross-fit and cheerleading was brought back again after being out for many years.
Some of our teachers don't seem to care about each student on a personal level. There are great teachers but there are also terrible ones.
There used to be a library which was turned into a weight room. Like I said before, our school is small. The resources are limited at school. Any high school student bellow the Junior level will have a hard time getting a counselor.
There are no specific health policies. The school is literally a block away from a police station, but as a Christian school it has been said we may be "targeted". There have been many safety measures added this year.
I've made friends well somewhat. I really wouldn't call any of them my friends but rather people you spend time with. During my Freshman year the teachers were understanding and friendly. But during my Sophomore year, I encountered many teachers who would barely comprehend their students.
In terms of education, the school isn't that grade. I was on a great middle school where we were taught the right way and any questions were answered. Some people say it's the transition from middle school to high school, but I disagree. Education should be given right at any level.
The reason my the school I attend has great extracurricular opportunities is because there are many teachers who don't mind donating some of their time to students ate the school to events such as sports and also tutoring to a high extent.
Great academic school everyone is always competing to be on the top spot.
This is not an athletic school at all, terrible sporting facilities and only offer about four sports
No controversial policies at all. Office staff is okay, just like any other stuff.
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I loved the school, we were different. We don't social groups or clicks, everyone knew everyone, everyone was friends with everyone. Granted some people were closer to others but we were like a family.
The school was decent, small but I loved it in a peculiar type of love. I don't think you could ever feel prepared for college or after graduation. You prepare yourself on your own, you learn to grow up overnight. Some learn quicker than others, and its harder for others to adjust too, but eventually you learn things and finally wake up. I don't think any school can prepare you to start living your life on your own, its personal development. The only way highschool can "prepare" you for college is by teaching you policies and terminology of college other than that, its personal development that prepares you for the "real world".
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