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Health and safety were a high priority.
If there any extracurriculars that we wanted, they were pretty open to getting it for us.
The environment is very uplifting, but the course work is not serious enough.
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Most teachers at this school put their whole heart into it. However there are a couple acceptios. The teachers do not really push the students, and they do not prepare them for college.
The school is a Christian one and the students are generally open minded and accepting. However, there has been apparent complaints about homosexuals and the principal had to address it.
How I rate the teachers are mentioned in previous reviews. The teachers are great people but not necessarily great teachers.
Being able to take college classes from the local community college is a highlight of this school. What sucks is the high school education experience itself. The teachers lack in quality (no discipline or it's like some of them have lost their desire to teach).
Going to this school has let me experience an education that involves an education about Jesus too. Although I felt like I lacked in other normal high school experiences, this school offered and did as much as it could.
The only sport really available is football but they have extended their hand to another sport, cheerleading.
It really depends on your goals. You have the option of graduating with an Associate's because of the nearby community college you can take classes in for free on top of your high school the courses. The reason why obtaining both your high school diploma and an Associate's degree in the end of your senior year is because of how easy the high school classes are.
The school did not have a cafeteria for lunch. Instead, you had the option of buying a frozen burrito and heating it up in one o the two microwaves.
As mentioned earlier, the campus is very small. There are many limitations to have many after-school activities and so forth. The only sport really available is football.
I think that the school administration and helpfulness and involvement of the principal, guidance counselors, and the office staff to address issues is pretty good.
As I mentioned earlier, the campus is very small so we there is no school nurse or formal health protocols. However, the school is safe and if someone gets a bruise or anything, there is ice provided. There are also many emergency exits.
The high school is a small Christian school (I graduated from a class of nine and a total of 36 students in campus my senior year to give an idea of just how small a campus the school is) and it is pretty good for what it is. There are computers and lockers and even two classrooms were added to the campus. The only thing lacking is the quality of the teachers. There are very few and one teacher is a pushover. When her daughter was one of her students, her daughter would whine and address her as mom in class and so she would give in to her daughter's pleas to ease the work. Another teacher was way too lenient and the students get away with many things.
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