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I moved to Faith my sophomore year and graduated this past May. Overall, Faith was a good fit for me because it gave me opportunities that I didn't have at my previous school. I was able to make more friends, get a solid education that prepared me for college, and also travel to Ecuador twice. Faith gave me a lot of support and I came out of there knowing more about myself than ever. Faith is a great school overall and I enjoyed most of my time there.
Faith Christian is a school that does not practice what they preach. They are hypocrites and they do not know the true meaning of loving each other just as God loves them. The atmosphere at the school is terrible. Women are made to feel like their own job in life is to stay in the kitchen. The administration never does anything to fix any problems that the school is having. They try to sweep all the problems under the rug to make it seem like the schools outward appearance is in tact. The school cares about its image more than it does trying to actually live out Gods word.
It was a good school that I was able to flourish in and able to share my faith. But in the last couple of years there was a lot of favoritism by the teachers and wasn’t a lot of biblical teaching.
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The small number of attending students makes the student to faculty ratio very close. The teachers have more time to talk to you about questions you may have, or even just get to know you. The Christian bond between students creates an amazing environment to learn and the teachers care about you as a person.
The education that I received at Faith is very good. However the school is so intolerant of anyone who is not a White Christian Republican that any child who is different is bullied, taunted and not welcomed. The teachers although some are very good are very complacent and do not come to the aid of children who are bullied. They are afraid of losing their jobs and therefore look the other way.
Faith has given me more opportunities academically and outside of school than any other institution I have been enrolled at. Faith and its wonderful teachers have also instilled great knowledge both academically and spiritually in me and been excellent mentors and friends.
It is a good school with good teachers and programs. I enjoy sports there and the community is excellent, but it isn't for everyone and it is a little small. I could never leave the family willingly.
Faith Christian Academy has caring teachers who go the extra mile in making sure each student is given the opportunity to meet their academic potential. For a private school, they offer a wide variety of extra-curricular and academic courses. I am impressed by the strong parent involvement within the school and the administration is very approachable and responsive to individual family needs. My children had a very easy transition into this school when we moved mid year from the East Coast. The teachers were very patient and were available to help each child transition into the new school curriculum. Our overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive.
I have gone to Faith Christian Academy since I was in 3rd grade. I have really enjoyed my experience with Faith. They have done a great job at creating a christian-like worldview in our classes. For my senior year, I decided to be home schooled but still continued to play sports for Faith. I am thankful for all they have done for me.
I loved my teachers and the opportunities I was given by going to FCA. The music and drama department is outstanding.
I transferred to Faith Christian Academy for High School and I was afraid I would not be able to fit in to the groups that had been formed in the years prior to my relocation. My expectations were quickly proved to be wrong. The small class size won't allow anyone to feel alone. Conversations are very open and tension between classmates never lasts more than a day. The only improvement that could be made to FCA would be if they added more electives.
While going to this school since preschool, I have enjoyed it but have also ran into some problems along the way. But overall though there are amazing and caring teachers and students that help to enrich a Christ like atmosphere.
I really liked the small atmosphere that allowed me to connect and interest with my teachers on a more personal level. Additionally, I was able to create strong friendships that through the many activities that Faith offers. I would not change anything about Faith, and I have had an amazing four years at this high school
The curriculum was one i loved, we all got the opportunity to get college credits and the teachers always push us.
Pros: Faith has amazing teachers. They really helped me when I was going through a hard time in life. They will never give up and there very accepting of everyone. The sports and music here are very competitive and good. The classes here are rigorous and challenging.

Cons: This school is very clique. I found it very hard to find friends and people to hang out with. There not accepting of everyone. Im more of an art kid than a sports kid so Im just kinda there. There also isn't much diversity. Im one of the only minority there but overall its a decent school.
Faith Christian Academy a good Christian school that challenges its students to succeed. With small class sizes, the teachers are actively involved and personal in the students' learning.
The students and faculty are very passionate about Christ, and despite the typical flaws of a private school, I believe it's a great school for students to grow.
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. Cons: basically at this school, you either fall into one of two categories. Rich and poor. Basically the rich kids or pastors kids or talented athletes can do whatever the heck they want. People have gotten off with countless warnings for some pretty serious stuff. Nobody will get in trouble. Being a student here, I see a lot going on that most don't see. Drugs are common. Almost every student has done, or been involved with them. Vaping seems to be the trend this year. Certain people have been making serious money by supporting nicotine dependencies for classmates. People like to brag about the girls they "got with"; however there are positive pressures, people like to compete with grades and with each other in sports. That is why our academics and athletics are so strong. People tend to focus on the negative pressures. Now "poor" kids get no warnings. Honor codes are given out like candy to them.
Faith was an amazing experience for me and all my family that attended there. I have seen so much success from alumni spiritually and in all aspects of life. Nothing is ever perfect but faith does most things right. Great athletics and great academics and live out what they teach.
I attended FCA from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This is a school that has teachers that really care about their students and show it through personal interaction, and involvement in students lives outside the classroom. FCA also has GREAT sports programs. I played football for all four years of high school and formed friendships with players and coaches that will last a life time. Academically FCA prepares students for college and is academically challenging. I loved my experience at FCA.
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