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Our family appreciates the personalized and caring approach to education. Every teacher knows every student and works for their success.
A wonderful school with caring teachers, small class sizes, excellent extra curricular activities and academically rigorous courses. It well prepared our son for the SAT and the rigors of college academics. The kids learn to give loving service to the community who are in need. A well rounded education is what we all want for our kids and Faith Bible provides that beautifully, with the heart of Jesus in the center.
I really love the environment and the sense of community and family. There truly is nowhere like Faith Bible.
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Teachers are great they really care about students. And the school wants to grow.the students love to connect with each other. Wish the school campus was better though and students weren’t as close knit as I was a transfer and it can be hard
Faith Bible is a place where you can come as you are, and be accepted into an environment that will love you and walk alongside you. They care about the whole person: spiritually, physically, mentally, and academically. It is a school that offers opportunities for growth in your walk with God, as well as your athletic and academic pursuits. They are in need of better sports facilities and equipment, however they have worked very well with what they have.
My experience at Faith Bible was very positive. It is a very family atmosphere and the students are very genuine. The teachers are also very involved and really care about each and every student.
Faith has been a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to attend for two years of high school but wish I had been there the whole time. The teachers really care about you and are willing to help out to see you achieve everything that they think you are capable of.
Not many options when it came to creating a class schedule, several un-dealt with sexual assault situations, not a lot of supervision, and when a problem occurred, they would rather sweep it under the rug than deal with it.
My experience at Faith helped me a lot with school and enjoy learning. It also helped me more motivated with school and grades. Some things I would want to see change is everyone come together and work together to achieve more.
This is a quality school where kids find acceptance and their place to shine. We are so impressed with the attention to detail we've been provided. Teachers do more than teach, they are mentors. Our children are thriving here and we are so happy to be part of this Faith Family that so many people talk about.
There is basically no bullying. It is a very secure campus.
I have done basketball every year. This last season our team kind of became a family. It was really cool.
I love this school. The people are so nice.
I love this school, I drive three hours everyday because I love it so much.
In general, the teachers at Faith Bible are good at their jobs. The biggest problem is that there need to be more teachers, because often times the teacher has a massive workload. Certain classes in the sciences need revamping, however the English and Spanish department are very refined and well put together.

Teachers always put their students first. They are there to teach and make sure the students understand the material. The teachers are there, because they actively want to teach at Faith Bible. Out of class, the teachers all want to get to know their students on a personal level, which helps with the holistic development of a student.
Facilities are average at best. School doesn't really have the funding to overhaul old lab equipment or remodel classrooms, however, the current classrooms are all decent. The school has fairly new computers, but it doesn't have the latest classroom tools such as a SmartBoard.

What really sets Faith Bible apart from other schools of its size is the holistic approach to education. Obviously, the primary purpose is to learn academic material, however students also learn through meaningful interactions with teachers. All the teachers are approachable and willing to talk to you about anything. They always have time to talk to students to see how they are doing. The teachers all genuinely care about the students' well being. In a way, they are role models to students on how to act and behave as a good citizen.

College preparation is a large part of the curriculum, and the college counselor makes sure to start with students as they enter as Freshman. Junior and Senior year, the counselor gets you ready and informs you about typically deadlines and processes on college applications. She was always my go to resource whenever I had questions, and she always had time to answer and research your questions.

The school offers little tutoring. If you need help, you will need to meet with a professor during office hours or find a friend to help you. Most students are willing to tutor and assists other students.
At such a small school, it's very hard for students to get away with bullying or harassment. For the most part, if a student notices bullying or a threat to safety, they will report it and/or intervene to diffuse the situation.
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When I attended, the rules were somewhat strict, however recently, the new superintendent revised the school policies to better focus on fixing the cause of an issue rather than the effects.

Administration were extremely helpful during the college application process. Occasionally, I even come back to talk the administration about college! The college counselor was very on top of the whole process; I was never held back because of a forgotten transcript or late recommendation! If you want to get the most out of the counselor, you must speak with her one on one, otherwise you may not get the best information for you in particular. Also, the counselor was always looking for potential scholarships for students, which was very helpful!

Furthermore, the administration was always eager to help students in creating and maintaining clubs and extracurriculars. Whatever you want to do, the faculty will help you proceed with it.
Really, your educational outcomes are entirely dependent on the student. If the student wants to push himself, then he will have opportunities to do so. That being said, Faith Bible has very few AP/IB/College credit courses. The primary AP classes are Calculus, Statistics, US History, Art, and English Literature.The biggest improvement would be to hire new teachers that could provide students the opportunity to offer more AP courses. Regarding the rigor, there are many classes that I took that prepared me for college.
Sports and Drama are the two biggest extracurricular activities with a number of smaller clubs. However, if students want to start a new club or even a new sports team, the school is wholeheartedly committed to helping those students create new programs.
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