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A school that provides a top rate education with access to a myriad of resources for a nominal investment.
The school is a warm, inviting community from the teachers and staff to the physical school grounds. I really feel like the teachers care about the well being and development of my child, both academically and emotionally. I know my son is building a solid education foundation that will set him up for future successes in life.
Although my kids were only able to attend Faith Baptist one year due to a move, we loved it and had a great experience there. I would highly recommend it! Also, it was more affordable by far than any other Christian school in the area.
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I absolutely love Faith! Their teachers are excellent, they're caring, patient, and knowledgeable. This is definitely a great school for bible-based teaching, I couldn't be happier!
Awesome School with a great staff. Would like so see crossing guards for campus crossings to avoid single student needing to walk across the street by themselves.
The school has been a great experience. We have had all three of our kids in the school. Our feeling is that while this school has its strengths and weaknesses like any other school, it excels in being relational. They really do care about your child. It is a 'parent school" in that you never have to worry about them. They are very well cared for. Besides good academics, they care about the student's character and spiritual formation with that old time common sense wisdom that is seen less and less today. For what they do, it cannot be beat by anyone. Our kids are stronger spiritually from attending the school with a great attitude and respect for adults. While there are other schools that are bigger and have more bells and whistles, you cannot beat the value that this school has to offer which cannot be measured in dollars and cents. We highly recommend this school.
Very Good school overall. One of the best in the area. All of the faculty and staff are dedicated and very efficient on their own and as a team.
Very happy with the education and support my kids have received at Faith Baptist. Teachers are wonderful.
Great education and good teachers who love and care about students. Staff could come across as "judge-y" and may seem holier-than-thou, because of the Fundamental Baptist Affiliation
My kids have attended the elementary school for the past 6 years and have done really well there. The academics are excellent and they've provided a great foundation for my kids. Most (but not all ) of the teachers we've had have been very qualified and capable. They do tend to hire a lot of new teachers who aren't as good as the more seasoned teachers, but they get better over time.
I enjoyed the atmosphere environment at Faith Baptist. I especially liked that the staff and teachers were friendly and always offering to help the students.
Fun, but busy! Must be good with projects and can handle speeches ! The environment is beautiful and calm, and the people are very kind. If your teacher is experienced, the lessons will be explained thoroughly, and if not the lessons will be difficult, and you will most likely need to study harder, or get a tutor. Most everything is done with technology. (Research Papers, Science Projects, Maps.) You should definitely get here young-the younger the better, the older the harder. They have a high curriculum, so even if you were the top student, you have to study. Homework is usually a page. I recommend going to summer school before, because english and math can be a real challenge. (Memorizing The 50 states, etc). As long as you find the right group, take time to study, do homework, and relax, the year will be easy. Find your study method, whether it be flashcards, reading repeatedly, saying it outloud, flashcards, it must be found before school starts.
Best Christian School in the San Fernando Valley! I am a parent of four kids who attended and still attending Faith since 2004. My kids love Faith Baptist Schools. The teachers are knowledgeable, loving and nurturing. The principals Mr. and Mrs. Roland Rasmussen Jr. go out of their way to help the students succeed. They are very humble, down to earth, Godly, caring people . We're thankful for Faith Baptist Schools. I strongly recommend it to all the family out their with children. They have K3-12th grade.
This college prep school has great academics, but like most small, private schools, there is less variety in classes. However, there is a wide range of clubs, activities, and sports that students can take advantage of. In general, I am most thankful to this school for their spiritual guidance. What differentiates this school from others is how much teachers truly care about their students. They are always supportive and there for us, even if the situation doesn't pertain to academics; the church's staff are also very kind and caring. Students always have trusted adults to turn to when they feel like they need help, and I think that is hard to find elsewhere.
This school is more focused with religion than education. The administration is awful and allow children to be bullied with no intervention by them. They have been threatened to be sued on multiple occasions and this is the only thing that forces them to take action. They are known to shove their religion in your face and tell you directly that you will "die and burn in the lake of fire" if you don't "repent." Their teachers all come from unaccredited institutions and are always fresh graduates with no teaching experience.
Academics/curriculums are top notch, but the quality of the staff, especially since I graduated, has gone severely downhill. Lots of recent college grads with limited to no teaching experience. I really appreciated having teachers that truly cared about their students, however, and how each person could have a strong relationship with their teachers outside of the classroom.
Very bad school. The teachers do not care about the students, the administration never responds to parents' emails or complaints, and the high school teachers are not good at their jobs. They all have poor education and are very bias with what they do. They assign too much homework and and say rude things to the students
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Read the other reviews and this one to know about this school. I would advice other Christian schools in the area. The problem is that Roland hates himself for not thinking only about his wife, so he angrily provokes the idea that other people have the same issue, to reaffirm his personal issue, referring to him mentioning sexual things to young men, implying that they are obsessed with girls, which dismisses good intentions, read the other reviews to understand further details, at a public school what Roland does would be considered illegal. When someone is obese, for decades, with an ounce of hatred mixed in, that person will have other problems other than the ounce of hatred and the obesity, Scripture tells us that. I do not want your kids to be a momentary victim to someone with small man syndrome, such as Roland Rasmussen Junior. Roland can lie, Roland is not a hired hand, this is a family job. He needs to stop his pornography talks and his small man syndrome.
Other students who attended this school, who know go to nearby churches know the Rasmussen family problem well. I would recommend other local Christian schools where you don't have a principal who wanders around with small man syndrome. Small man syndrome can fester in many ways, in abnormal responses to kids, unless others are around, in abnormal situations in which Roland "gets" from being something that is not ethical or proper around children. An example is that when I was growing up, I remember Roland grabbing girls arms, around ages eight to 14, before telling them something about what they were doing that he disagreed with. Roland has been known to hang up the phone on adults he disagrees with and altogether is not a decent human being, aside from the image he carries daily, which is not real.
Faith Baptist School is a normal Christian school and I am not against the demerit system at all, however, the problem is the family problem, which is Roland Rasmussen Junior. I think Roland Rasmussen Junior needs a Christian psychologist. I am not comfortable with someone mentioning sexual things to kids under 18 so often. If a young boy liked a girl, Roland is casual about implying the boy is obsessed with the girl, to the boy himself, he does that to young men of all ages. The boy then considers what that means, and realizes that obsession means that you are obsessed with something that has no value in real concern, then the boy realizes he is referred to as someone who is sexual, which they are not. Roland Rasmussen Junior is a clinical sociopath and has small man syndrome. The family knows and it is about time Stephanie stops ignoring the issue, it will not go away.
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