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Don’t listen to the false reviews. Sorry, but it kind of made me mad. Someone is allowed to vote multiple times (check the dates, their are multiple May 27 votes from the same person). I attended Faith about 13 years ago for 3 years, and when my son was old enough to preschool I knew exactly where I was going to send him. I am not a rich person but I knew he would be safe, taken care of, and receive a wonderful education. He did! I had to take him out halfway through because of health issues, but I am enrolling him into school again for next fall. This is a wonderful school! If it wasn’t I can assure you I would not be picking up a second full time job just to allow my son to go here.
One word. Horrible. No college prep! No advisors! This school is a disappointment to any Godly school. The education is quite horrible not preparing you for any colleges besides the select few they want you to go to (liberty, bob jones, Pensacola). When I transferred my Senior year it was truly a God send I got far better college prep in Orange County public school. Faith needs help.
There was not a school nurse. Only health policies was no food in lockers.
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there were not many offered but student counsel. no clubs were available.
it was a very small school, that the students had to view different aspects of life all the same. I regret not being able to express myself and branch out to new opportunities.
Bland teaching style. one way of thinking and are not open to new ideas.
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