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Faith Academy has helped me prepare for college in many ways, the teachers are always helpful and really want you to learn the material.
Faith Academy is an amazing place that encourages outside of the box thinking. Even the student who may think that they have their faith figured out, will learn something new. Personally I have grown so much in my faith and have come to know God, and trust in Him more than ever before.
Faith Academy is a wonderful, Christian private school. I have been there since 1st grade and the family it has created is strong. The teachers love their students and also work to help them find success. One example is my Advanced Biology teacher who I am so close to that I can randomly ask her medical questions over text and she gladly responds. Her and I have a very close bond, just like a lot of other teachers that work here. I highly recommend it.
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Not much offered, but the programs are good
I feel very safe at my school. We have some safety precautions. I have only seen a few minor bullying type things but nothing serious. We don't have a school nurse but the people in the office take care of us if needed.
we are a small school so not a ton of options but lots of activities to keep you busy. Lots of sports. NHS. Music/dance/photography. We have retreats and activities outside of school. FCA
I have had awesome experiences at my school. It has been hard at times but fair. I definitely could have done better but am lazy most of the time. I love the sports and my friends here and would do it again for sure.
Almost all my teachers teach here because they want to help the kids more than they could at public schools. They really care about what we learn and for our lives. Most will go above and beyond to help us. I feel they are fair in their grading.
Because our school is so small, there is really no need for nurses or police officers. If a student is feeling sick, the administrative staff can either give them medicine or send them home for treatment. If a bullying problem arises, the teachers usually find out and are able to address the issue. There are also senior boys and girls in leadership positions that will hold the other students accountable. The health programs and resources are built around helping the students have a healthy journey thought the school year.
I have truly enjoyed extracurricular activities at this school. Like I said earlier, I have been able to play 6 different sports. For students who enjoy athletics, their needs will be fulfilled at Faith Academy. However, this school is somewhat weak in other extracurricular. There is no true band at this establishment, only a drum line. A student that plays any instrument besides a drum will have no activity to take part in. The same goes with those who are interested in art, government, and other potential clubs. This may because not enough students are interested enough to start these extracurricular activities,
Attending a small Christian school was an awesome experience. I was able to treat my classmates like family because we all had many of the same classes together. I was also able to try 5 different sports thought my high school career. It is a great feeling knowing that we are allowed to begin each class in prayer to the Lord, and we are able to freely study the Bible without persecution. I was given the opportunities and skill sets that a public school would not have provided for me.
Being at a small school, each student has the chance to develop a personal relationship with their teachers. Also, the pay is not great for these teachers, so they are usually retired men and women who really have a passion for educating youth. These seasoned teachers have years of valuable experience and understand what their students are facing. They are also very knowledgeable with the material they are using because they have taught it so many times before. Their communication skills are also wonderful, due to the relationship with their students. Every Faith Academy teacher usually gives the student their personal phone number and email address, and they are available for help at any time. The grading system is fair, and all teachers allow a student to ask why they received their grade. Some teachers even give students the chance to prove why their answers may have been right, and the teachers will change the grade. In summary, the teachers at this school are friendly, fair and professional.
I like that there's very little social drama. It's focus is Christian based.
I attended this school for 4th-12th grades, and it has evolved into less and less of a good learning environment in the recent years, but it's definitely still thirty times better than a public school.
There are not many organizations at the school. When there is one, there is not a lot of organization or planning.
We are a small school so we do not need much and have a great community to help with support.
There is no cafeteria so they have some snacks provided in case a student forgets their lunch.
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Security isn't very necessary within my school
The teachers truly complete the experience
Heavy/challenging workload- to prep for college
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