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Good education. Not many clubs or stuff to get envoled in compared to other schools very strict with lots of rules teachers are great they really care about the student administration is also great she environment for students great Christian vault very clean school not much diversity the faculty is great and kind there church is amazing not much freedom for the students
Faith Academy presents itself as a loving, children friendly environment. they take in full consideration of how the children feel and what their needs are. faith is always asking for new feedback to help improve their whole teaching methods.
Faith Academy teachers are genuinely concerned about their students. Faith Academy's teachers and coaches are all very disciplined and it shows in all areas. Quality education, awesome learning environment, every aspect of success is found at Faith Academy.
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With my senior year of high school approaching, I have learned many things from Faith Academy. It has taught me the value of hard work, leadership, community, love, and family. Even though several rules are enforced I have enjoyed the protection of the teachers and the faith based program. While uniforms are quick and easy, it would be nice to see more leniency in the accessories of the student. Another major thing that I would love to see changed is their choice to use the ACT scores of the number one students to break the tie in the valedictorian race. In that, the ACT has nothing to do with who has the highest grades. Overall, I have loved my time at Faith Academy and am looking forward to my senior year.
I am going to a different school because the teachers are terrible especially one and I needed a change
I love Faith Academy! I have attended Faith since sixth grade and look forward to graduating from Faith next year. Faith Academy is like one large family, everyone is so friendly.
Faith Academy was a great school. I was so blessed to be able to attend a school that cared not only about my grades, but my well being. They always made sure the students are in great spirit. They have created such a loving experience for every single student. Though it comes as a challenge in multiple subjects, the teachers give every student the possibility to succeed. Faith Academy is a great school and will continue to prosper as long as they stay on their current path!
Teachers are overworked and underpaid. Classes are too large and herded through like cattle. Administration are paid very well while funds do not adequately enrich the programs, students or teachers. Poor academic environment. Hours of homework and teachers who are coaches are horrible in classroom.
Faith Academy is an excellent School. I have enjoyed the environment which has been provided through the years which I have attended. The teachers are excellent and extremely helpful. The one thing that I would like to see change it the involvement of different cultures taught at the school.
Faith Academy is simply "home away from home". The teachers and administrators are always striving to become closer with us students. The thing I would like to see change of Faith Academy is the science department. The science department is struggling to find teachers that are able to fully teach their concepts.
I Have gone to Faith since I was in k3, and I have loved it. The faculty and staff truly love their students and going there has been an experience I never will forget. I have grown up knowing all my teachers care for me and have my best interest at hear, and they will do anything they can for their students. It is one of one of the safest environments I've ever been in. The only thing that I would change is how discipline works. They give too many warnings before they take action, and students have learned this and use it to their advantage.
I went to Faith Academy for 13 years. Those 13 years were probably the best years of my life. I never wanted to go anywhere else. The faculty and staff have such a warm and accepting atmosphere to them, they try to form personal relationships with everyone they come in contact with. When people ask me where I would send your kids the anwser will always be Faith Academy.
I liked the close knit environment that came from a small school. I was able to become really close with my teachers, and I never doubted that they truly cared about me. It was very college preparatory oriented, which was valuable as I am now a first generation college student. I felt adequately prepared for both college and the real world after graduation. I would recommend it to anyone.
Faith is a good school. However, sometimes there is some favoritism shown by the administration which keeps the school from being fair. Also, although the students are well behaved for the most part, some can be petty and sour. Overall, though, it is an excellent school with teachers that truly care for their students and wish the best for them and that's what makes the school worth every penny.
I have been going to Faith for 11 about to be 12 years, it has been a good school. The only thing that is an issue is that when the administrators are stressed, or school is about to end, they crack down on little things. The community of the school, really shined when the junior class suffered a loss. They really came together for those who were suffering.
I have gone to Faith Academy for 12 years, and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers are great and help you whenever you need it. It has truly been a blessing to go to a christian school like Faith. Whenever you need to talk to anyone about anything someone will be there. We are a huge family there, and I am blessed to have gone to a school like that.
In my years of being at faith academy, alot has changed, from the diversity of the school to the lunch menus. The teachers at faith honestly have an interest in leading their students to the Lord which is one huge positive in my opinion. There are also a few things that go on that somewhat get thrown under the rug. This is still in my opinion one of the best schools in Mobile Alabama
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Since I attended Faith Academy from 1st through 12th grade, I really have nothing to compare it to; however, I am happy I was blessed to go there. I like the fact that I attended school with the same friends and teachers I had been going to school with since first grade.
Very professional atmosphere. Teachers and staff very helpful and keep in contact with parents on activities and grades.
I loved how Faith Academy wants every student to succeed. I attended from K-4 to twelfth grade. I formed relationship with each teacher I had. Every staff member wants to get to know each child as if they were their own. If i had to return to Faith Academy again, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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