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Fairview Junior High School Reviews

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Fairview Junior High School is one of the best schools. For academics, they can offer programs such as the MAP Program. Students are able to take classes that are two grades above their grade level. Most students are either in pre-AP or MAP. Even the non advanced students are smart, and every student has good grades and feels smart and sometimes a little prideful. The students and teachers are both nice with no bullying. The school helps ready the students for high school very welly. There are many clubs and fun weekend activities for student to get involved and participate in. The school provides great resources to help students grow and learn. Fairview Junior High School has a goal to have students learn as much as possible and have a great time while they're there.
When I went to FJH, the coaches were helpful and did anything in their power to make sure everyone got a fair chance to play and have fun on the team. They taught discipline that I molded me into the person I am today; I'm often complimented on my great behavior. The art teachers, band and choir directors were always encouraging towards any students they encountered, boosting their confidence to believe in themselves. Student council was involved in everything at school, hosting events tailored to the students likes and dislikes. Everyday and everywhere, there was always a principal around to assist students with questions and also to cheer us on at our extracurricular activities. A club called 21st century offered students a safe place before and after school to get tutoring, play sports and video games, do arts and crafts and make life-long friends. FJH also had a club called FCA that was dedicated to spreading religion throughout the school. People of all religions were welcome and each meeting included the of singing songs, prayers and lessons over the word of God. It was a true representation of how accepting the school is.
I moved to FJH in 7th grade after just moving from a different area so I didn't know too many people. By the end of 8th grade year I had so many friends in my peers and faculty members that I almost didn't want to go on to high school. The school's demographics is super diverse and there wasn't a very evident "clique" system. This school had reasonable rules in place and since students were well behaved, there were many rewards for everyone, including teachers. There was always a way to help the community through the school and many people were available to participate. I would choose this school again because it still has a friendly, knowledgeable, and fun environment that anyone could feel at home.
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FJH teachers literally became aunts and uncles to their students, they cared for everyone's wellbeing and always gave valued advice and offered a safe place that allowed students to let their hair down. There were a few teachers that taught in confusing ways that made the curriculum difficult to comprehend but those teachers were always open to suggestions on how they could help us succeed as long as we were respectful and putting our best effort forward to learn. If a student didn't understand one teacher, another teacher was always available to help that student. Some of the staff members in general were mean and unapproachable when we first meet them but by the end of the year their true, kind-hearted attitude was shown and all fear was gone. Coaches that were also teachers weren't the stereotypical teacher that didn't care about what they were teaching, they genuinely showed intelligence in the subject they taught making class enriching and fun. All staff members were always found after school preparing for the next day or attending a sporting or fine arts event and were always on time for class in the morning wearing a smile.
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