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I like Fairview but cliques are a big thing here and it’s obnoxious. I want Fairview to change and be more accepting towards non athletes
The people here are great, teachers are all very nice people and are willing to help. Lunch is a little lackluster. I would not want to go to any other school though. Fairview is my home and although I am not the biggest fan of school, this is the best one you can go to. Go Apaches!!!
I hate this school. As a student at Fairveiw I can tell you that the children that go here are horrible and rude. Do not send your children here.
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Although Fairview is an older school, it always seems to do well in comparison to other schools around the area. All things considered, Fairview was a great school to graduate from.
Fairview High School provided me with an education that has gotten me where I am today. It is a small school, so it's easy to make friends and they are friends for life. One thing that I would like to see change is the social barriers. People form their groups, and if you aren't interested in the same things, it is unlikely that you will be friends. There is also only one foreign language, which is inconvenient for anyone wanting to learn something other than mediocre Spanish.
I have heard from current students that the lunches have been getting worse, but what i remembered wasn't bad.
They do their job, but they miss some people here and there.
A lot of the money goes toward the football team and needs to be spread more equally through the other sports.
The teachers were amazing and my favorite part at Fairview.
I had some of my greatest times in extracurriculars in high school here.
There were not many options outside of the core curriculum but it taught that decently well.
We have substituted certain food choices for a healthier alternative. I do not completely hate what they have done, but I do not like it either. Some of the food does not taste very good, and others, one could say, should have been thrown out instead of being served.
At Fairview High School, school pride and spirit is a big aspect of our community. The students, and even teachers as well, dress up for games to show their school support. They also go all out for the last Friday of each month because the classroom with the most school spirit wins and receives a prize.
Most teachers go by the rules like they wrote them, others are a little more lenient, especially for the dress code, there are only a few who are strict on it.
Fairview offers classes in ranges from pre-algebra to Calculus. There is a class for everybody.
All of our facilities are fairly clean but not large enough for a lot of fans. Luckily, we don't have many
The only safety we have is a lock on the main entrance, other than that we rely on ourselves and staff.
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This school is unique because the principle and athletic director are genuinely interested in the students and all athletic and non-athletic events.
Most of the teachers communicate well with all the students. There is the occasional teacher who, when one asks him/her for help, will say, "I'm not doing it for you," even though they know that we are not asking them to.
Every Friday night the stadium is packed with fans from all four villages around the school. The fans are extremely enthusiastic even when we lose, (which has been occurring often lately.)
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