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The education is good, but there’s a lot of people there that don’t really try, and they do drugs and other things that aren’t appropriate for school.
One's experience at Fairview High School is largely dependent on what one chooses to invest in it. The difference in quality of academics between standard courses and honors/AP courses is stark. That being said, if one opts to take more advanced courses, the quality of teachers, resources, and college preparedness rivals that of much larger schools and even nearby private college prep schools.
I enjoyed Fairview High School. It had a lot to do with the number of different things you could join and learn. I was involved in a plethora of activities which included sports, clubs, and AP courses. Most of the teachers were amazing, and the principal was exceptional and cared a lot about her students. A negative was the variety of classes when it came to vocation. In that regard, there wasn't a lot to choose from.
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Most of the teachers were soooooooo sweet and caring. Some didn’t help as much as students needed but the ones that did were amazing. The physical changes to the high school made it so much better! The look of it made it look more formal and bigger. Dr. Oyer was so sweet and always had a smile on her face in the hallways, greeting students and asking how they were! Fairview High was an amazing experience for me & I wouldn’t of wanted a different school for my high school experience.
I felt that I had a really good academic experience at Fairview High School. However, there are definitely improvements that need to be made. I felt prepared for college, but not really as a result of the school itself, but rather my own initiative.
At Fairview high we are the #benice school and you can definitely tell. Fairview high is full of teachers and staff who genuinely care for your over success.
Fairview has been a growing school and town for a reason. I'm glad to have grown up in such a small school with so many growing opportunities.
I love this school! Our school community is so supportive. It is so great to know the teachers here actually care about our educations and want us to succeed. The school is small, which is a good thing but can also be bad. You know everybody so your business can become anyone else's business very quickly. Over all I would have to say I would not want to go to any other school than Fairview.
I love how such a small community can have so much school spirit. My experience has involved so much love and encouragement. I wouldn’t trade my high school for anything!
At Fairview High School, I always felt out of place. I felt as if my talents weren't being recognized and I was expected to fill a mold. It has taken me a long time to figure out who I am and who I do not want to be. However, I did have some memorable experiences. I got to know some amazing teachers, all of which helped me find my passions in life. Overall, I would like the school to feel more welcoming and accepting.
This was a very inviting and close school in a small town. It gave me the ambition to go out and try to make something of myself and try new things. A lot has changed since I graduated, specifically nearly an entirely new faculty, but I believe it is for the better.
I have so far enjoyed my time at Fairview. The few things I would change are mostly due to the community and not necessarily school administration. The school is probably 97% white, with the other 3% being a mixture of black, Asian, and hispanic. The teachers are all pretty great, mostly very patient and actually invested in making sure the kids learn. The motto of FvHS is Be Nice, and it's sort of one of those things that's pumped so much you start to hate it but also believe in it. It's very much a middle class school in a school district made of much richer schools (@Brentwood) so we get the scraps and end up being pretty much well off in terms of technology and academics.
Fairview High School has given me the skills and experiences I need to advance in my college career and in the real world. I was a huge part of the Fairview High School band which made my days at school long, but educational and extremely worth the effort. The school as a whole is probably the best high school I could have attended. From the students to the administration everyone treated one another with the utter most respect and kindness. The involvement of students and staff at pep rallies, games, and even studying made my high school experience one to remember. I would love to see the school get the attention and beautification they deserve. Fairview High School may be built backwards and described as “trashy” but the learning environment, sports programs, and people attending are definitely superior in my opinion.
I think that Fairview High School is a nice school. I know that it could improve in many ways, but if you are just looking for a high school that will get you ready for college, then Fairview High is a good choice. The school is also very involved in sports and supporting the teams. As for the clubs, there are many interesting groups to choose from the lot of them. There is always at least one for every person. The teachers are all respectful towards their students and rarely show favoritism towards anyone, so everyone is treated equally important. When you need help on certain subjects, you can go ask a teacher for help when assigned to Fairview Focus for the first half of the one hour lunch, or if you just decide to go on your own for extra help. All in all, Fairview High is an enjoyable school to be at, and I am excited to see what happens in the next four years of my high school life.
I love how everyone knows each other. We are a small town so everyone knows and cares about the other.
I was involved in dancing but that is it because the ither clubs weren't for me.
Friends made it what it was.
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Great personally, but not the best at teaching.
As far as the nurse goes, it's a simple go in fake a sickness and either take a nap or get sent home. She does not know a lot and its pretty simplistic what your response will be when visiting with her. Our school no longer allows students to be given medicine unless they bring it with their name on it and unopened. Other than the nurse the safety of this school is precise. We do have an SRO who is in charge of security in the school. There are rarely altercations that need that serious of an SRO but it is necessary for them to take them to juvenile when no tolerance actions take place. Just this winter break, a week ago, our school improved outer security. Before we did have security cameras and doors with locks. Of course students do get outside of the doors and need back in and any student will open the door for what appears to be a studet. Before guests would ring in and the door would be unlocked. They were allowed to walk to the office, but there were multiple ways to navigate through the school before signing in. Over the break they did make it more secure where guests have to walk in the office before entering the rest of the building. Theres never been intruders at our school but locking of classroom doors for suspicious activity does happen often. Most of the time the scene is safe but they do want to make precautions in case the suspect does enter our school or school property.
Being a senior and communicating with friends and family that attend other schools, I believe this school has the worst extracurricular oppurtunities. We do have the normal student government, beta club, and other school involved programs. These are not the best, but atleast they are there. I would say the student body does not have a large involvement in these programs offered. In my knowledge, there are no more than 40 of the 700 students involved in student governmemt. Its not anything special. Organizations that I am aware of consist of HOSA and that is all. It does not compare to other schools either. Not much involvement but I do know that the ones who are apart of it love it. Clubs are not popular at all. I honestly can think of two clubs at this school- anime club and gsa. The anima club meets in a classroom one day a week at lunch. This is strictly a group of friends that share the same involvment, not a known loved hobby. GSA was created when sexuality became a problem. In nicest way possible, the people who created this program were part of the different sexuality. This club also meets in a classroom, I am not aware that they still meet. I know they attempted to make this something big and known but only people who were lgbt attended and sometimes their bestfriend. It did not go far but they did attempt. Neither of these clubs have ever been truly known amongst all teachers and the administration. GSA did meet with the principal for approval and asked for her to spread the word, and she of course did. I do not believe she attended any meetings. FCA was a big thing started this year. It has many supporters and did have a feild awareness day that had almost 200 participants. They also do random meetings at the flag pole. This is the most popular outside of school program that is supported by administration and strongly advertised by them.
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