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Fairview is a small average public school. If you are involved and are making the most of your education, it is worth it. The staff is very friendly and helpful and academics are decent for the size of the school.
Fairview High School has provided me with an amazing high school experience! The teachers and faculty are passionate and knowledgeable. FHS offers a wide range of extracurriculars that have allowed me to become involved and make lasting friendships. I am grateful for all the opportunities FHS has provided me, and I feel prepared for college after taking multiple AP courses.
It is an unsafe school where anyone is able to walk into the building. Many doors that are supposed to be locked throughout the day remain open, and doors that are locked will be opened for anyone.
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I liked that the school had doable classes and nice teacher. I would have like if their was a broader field for electives.
Fairview High School offers a variety of different classes and help to tailor any students needs. The teachers and associates who work there are always more than willing to help out a student in need of assistance with financial aid, and college applications. Numerous different levels of classes are offered, such as regular, honors classes, and advanced placement classes. The teachers are helpful and nice, and I worked hard along them to earn my 3.9 GPA. It is an excellent school.
There is just not enough students at this school. If that is not so much the case, then the students and parents are not engaged with activities of this school. There are only a few advance classes to choose from and like two clubs at this school. This is because students do not challenge themselves and do not care about doing more. A part of the problem is the parents and teachers that let this happen instead of trying to promote engagement. I would not choose this school again.
The classes are not challenging in the sense that I feel like I'm learning a lot. They are challenging in the aspect of repetitive work. There are only a few teachers that seem to really care and try to teach as much as they can for their students. The other teachers float us by with just the bare minimums for the curriculum.
Personally, I am very involved with sports at Fairview High. Being in soccer and basketball, I often have many friends come to my games and I am usually at all of the football and basketball games for the boys.
Since freshman year, I have gone through a wide variety of friends. Most of my friends came from my sports teams or the classes I took. Because of this, I was almost completely separated from the less motivated students who cared a lot less than I did about high school in general. My friends created a great experience for me at this school. I definitely think my high school years were successful for the most part.
At Fairview, I have a wide variety of teachers. Some are much more strict than others, giving much more homework, tests, and quizzes than others. Whereas some teachers should relax more and understand that us students have a lot on our plates, I wish other teachers would actually get interested and engaged with what they are teaching.
Teachers at this school are mostly good teachers. There are many who Are fun and engaging and there are many who just don't care enough or are really hard to learn from. Some teachers are great at teaching and some of them have no idea what they are doing.
Fairview High School is overall a great school, and I wouldn't have chosen another school to complete high school in. Fairview High School does have its fair share of problems, but I still love it. One of the biggest problems with Fairview High School is that it's a very old school, so only certain rooms, like the library and science rooms have air conditioning, and it gets unbearably hot in the non air conditioned rooms in the summer. Another big problem is the bathrooms. The sinks are years old and barely work. The stalls are usually dirty, which makes students using the bathrooms at my high school a very unlikely thing. Fairview High School is located in a very small suburb of Cleveland, OH. My graduating class is less than 200 students, which goes to show just how little my high school actually was. This was both good and bad. Since my high school didn't have a large amount of students, school events like sporting events had very little student turnout. Even though very few kids showed up at sporting events, the nights of football games are still some of my favorite nights to this day. Fairview High School being a smaller school also allowed friends to form very close bonds with each other, which I think is a great thing to have during high school. I made my fair share of close friends at Fairview High School that I hope to keep in touch with as I continue with my life outside of high school. Fairview High School has it's typical high school problems, but it still made me the person I am today, and I would never change where I went to high school.
Our guidance counselors need some work. I think everything else is well.
There are limited fitness programs available to students. I have only participated in the volleyball and track and field programs. These programs were very well I thought.
I think our teachers at Fairview do well at their jobs. I have not had a chance to have all of the teachers but the ones that I have, have taught me well and that is all I can ask from them. I think one thing our teacher staff is lacking is motivation to help students that are in need of help. Also the encouragement to include exciting lessons, not just writing notes.
I think there are a few different clubs. Some include: National Honors Society, Mosaic Club, Student Government, Yearbook, etc. I think that they are not though of as the funnest activities. They are more of something that is good to put on your school resume.
The social scene of this school is much like that of other schools. there is some diversity among students but not to much diversity.
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The academics at this school are top priority, the school is great at giving the students what they need to succeed. The teacher are helpful and are willing to help students at all times.
There are a wide verity of sports available at the school. Most of the sports facilities are in excellent condition and are relatively new.
The school is very strict when it comes to protecting its students, it has a very strict anti-bullying policy and makes sure all students are taken care of.
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