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Fairview High School is a great school. The teachers are very knowledgeable about their subjects and motivating. Fairview has a great STEM Academy that helps students who want to go into STEM futures. There is also a plethora of different art classes. Whatever a student’s interests may be, there is probably an elective or club for that interest. If there is not, it is fairly easy to create a club. Fairview is an amazing school with a great community.
I liked how small and personal Fairview High School was. Teachers get more opportunity to pay attention to individual kids which is extremely beneficial.
Small community makes for a great school and town to live in. Our community is very supportive of the schools. We are known for being top notch with our academics, sports and school spirit. I couldn’t have asked for a better school to attend from elementary school through graduation!!
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I personally love it at Fairview. The school has such a great atmosphere, and everyone loves each other. The school Ian truly one big, happy family. The only thing that I would change about the school is the school spirit. It seemed to lessen as the older classes left and the newer ones came. All I can say about that is the students should really show support to their school, after all, it is where they grow as people and learn.
Fairview High School is a blue ribbon school and is ranked 2nd in the state of Pennsylvania. This school outranks any other in the area, and I would not ever transfer to any other high school. Students who have graduated from Fairview have expressed the ways that the school has undeniably prepared them for the collegiate experience. I have taken high level classes and performed well in them, so I am confident in my ability to transition to college also. I participate in three different sports at Fairview and all of them are exceptional. The dedication of the coaches pushes me to perform to the best of my ability and keeps me consistently determined to improve. The teachers are just as special, and it is shown through the school's standardized test scores. Our teachers put extensive time and effort into the student's prosperity and treat them with a high level of respect. Fairview high school is truly a school like no other.
Fairview prepared me for a higher education very well. Most teachers were excellent instructors, though like any school there are some who are only mediocre. The music program is excellent there and was an important part of school for many students. Most athletics are enjoyable to watch, though some teams are honestly not good. Overall, I enjoyed Fairview a lot, though there are definitely places where improvements could be made.
Fairview has excellent marketing strategies. They make the school seem much better than it really is. Lots of cliques and academics seem to go with the latest trends without doing much research before implementing them. Will never send my kids there.
Fairview High School gives us countless opportunities to explore our interests. For example, we have several Engineering classes that some schools do not have. We use 3D printers for these classes as well as our other technology programs. These classes were some of my favorites. Overall my experience at Fairview was well excellent due to the teachers and the activities this school offers.
Nothing but good things to say about Fairview schools. Very polite students and positive atmosphere to learn in.
Personally, one of the key features of Fairview High School is its high levels of student involvement in a wide variety of student clubs and organizations. It is not uncommon at this school for students to join upwards of 5-6 clubs with some students even joining as many as 8-9 clubs. Additionally, being a somewhat small school, students are given a more personal relation with their teachers in the classroom environment, allowing better preparation for college and beyond.
The school was a little too small for me but they have great teachers and you get a lot of personal time with the teachers.
Fairview High School has been an amazing place to receive a top-notch education. The teachers actually care about every single student, the clubs and organizations are vibrant in the surrounding community, and after graduation, you will find yourself very prepared for college. This school is not easy, but if you work hard you can succeed.
Overall, this really is a pretty cool school. Everyone hates it for some reason, but it really provides many strong academic programs-- there are a wide variety of AP courses to take, and a strong core of academic and elective classes. The other highlight of Fairview is a stellar music program. The food leaves something to be desired, but compared to some other districts is pretty good.
I got a very good education from this school! Now, in my first year of college, I am years ahead of most of my peers in study skills, writing skills, and general knowledge, even within the honors program. However, Fairview has gotten a lot more strict with their students to a point beginning to verge on ridiculousness. Students have no free time to socialize with their peers or even walk around the campus to discover new things. Also, the past three faculty that the school has hired have been horrible at teaching and overall horrible with treating their students with respect.
Fairview High School is an academic focused school, every year the school holds an assembly to announce who within the school has been awarded scholarships and/or awards that will help them in their pursuit to jump-start their careers. After the recent violence that has been happening in schools across the country, our school has increased the security within the school with the installation of gates and hiring a police officer that patrols our campus. Our campus has never been a violent one, but our administrators aren't taking the chance of a freak accident happening. If I could change something about our school, it would be the amount of funding they put into our sports programs. In the past our school used to be the football powerhouse of the county, today we are still a decent team, but we could be great if the school administrators were to be more engaged with our sports programs. Overall, Fairview High School is an excellent school to be a part of.
Although students make fun of all the safety measures the school has taken, students know that they are safe. Locks on the classroom doors, our own security guard, and gates in the hallway are all tools that help keep students protected, even though it seems a little overboard at times.
Most extra-curriculars are offered during the school day, making it easy to take part in many clubs as well as athletics etc.
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Fairview has a sense of community that you is hard to find elsewhere. The way everyone comes together for the annual cancer walk or sports events brings everyone in the district together, making us really feel like a 'Fairview Family.'
The teachers go out of their way to make sure you know the material: holding study sessions during tutorial or during lunch on the day of a big test. Students know they can always go to teachers for help.
There is no peer pressure or bullying here. Everyone is very accepting and it is nothing like stereotypical high school. Most people are outgoing and kind. However, it can feel clique-y at times. The racial/ethnic diversity little to none but there aren't any racists. No one is judged for the color of their skin. The same goes for sexual orientation. There are not many students like that but they are not treated any different.
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