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The principal is very friendly and laid back. I don’t like how most of the staff is super strict about following the rules to a T. On multiple occasions, some teachers would gossip and talk about students’ grades in front of other students, which is very upsetting and unprofessional. I would love to see Fairview High School become more involved with Northwest Technology Center. I would also love for the high school to ease up on some of the rules. There are a few ridiculous rules that students have to abide by. The facilities are great and the learning experience is good.
The teachers are really involved and patient, but the ceiling tiles have mold and it needs serious fixing.
I wish they offered more AP classes, but other than that I have had a very good experience at Fairview.
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The dress code is very restrictive - it is universally disliked among students, especially when we have to wear jeans in 90+ degree whether. The teachers are qualified and well-respected, but their teaching methods are not consistently inclusive. The culture at FHS is ridiculous - political issues, gossip, and conservative values should not overpower a student's desire to complete or focus on their education. Communication could be SIGNIFICANTLY improved, as many things go poorly without proper communication here.
At Fairview High School they are excellent with teaching and preparing their students for the next level. Fairview schools managed to not only help their students with looking for the perfect University, but also the perfect job if you did not plan on attending school the next year. At Fairview they encourage every extracurricular activity. From cheering on the sports teams to attending every play and concert that Fairview puts on, the town is right there to bring positive attitude towards the school.
Our school has GREAT, caring teachers! They really care about their students and take time to help when needed. The school is small enough that students can get where they need to be very quickly. However, our student body would like to see more done about online and in-person bullying. I know teachers can't help if they do not know what is going on, but when something is brought to the principal's attention, often ISS is the only punishment, then the bullying continues. There has to be something we can do to make this a safer, less bullied school! One more thing, our student body needs more electives to chose from. BRING ART CLASS BACK!
Fairview High has great teachers that will work with you any time that you need. They also have a bunch of coach’s that will work with you to do you can get the academics you need. The teachers all know you because it is a small school. It is really easy to just be able to sit down and talk to any one there and you can trust them with your problems.
I think the education I have received at FHS has been a quality education, however, I feel like some of the faculty, administration, teachers, and/or coaches are the hypocritical type that will discriminate against kids who come from families that are different.
Fairview High School is a great place for me. I have grown up in Fairview my whole life so I always knew I would attend this high school. This school is excellent in preparing us for college and the life in front of us. The teachers here actually care about us and go the extra mile for each of us. I am extremely lucky to be able to go to this high school. I am also very thankful for everything this high school does to help all of us students get prepared for life.
The clubs and organizations we have now are awesome for the most part, but I wish we had more. The administration is super supportive of all the ones we have though. They make sure to have one member of the admin at every competition an organization may compete in. Most students are involved in one and enjoy it.
I was raised all my years at this school, but I have heard stories of all kinds of bad things happening at surrounding schools. To me, it's almost unbelievable to think that those things actually happen because of how great our school system is. It has its rules of course, but overall I would want my future children to go to Fairview. I love the staff and the way they care about each student who walks through their door. Even though it is labeled as strict by many, I believe the rules are necessary to ensure the best quality of education.
Most of our teachers have a great quality of teaching. They definitely do everything they can to ensure their students' success. They genuinely care about the students and their continuation of their education into college. Our teachers are approachable, which makes it easy to get to know them and easier to feel comfortable asking questions during class.
It's like a little family. We help each other.
I feel very safe at school. The doors are always locked and so I never fear that intruders will come in. The teachers stand in the halls between classes so there isn't much bullying within school.
The classes are really great. I learn a lot and the teachers definitely know what they are teaching.
There are a few different groups of people at school and they all seem to get along well. They don't necessarily mix but they do get along.
There are many restrictions that many students don't like but I think they all have purposes and are very useful. I appreciate the restrictions because they keep the school top-notch.
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Certain areas are great and others are not. It is very obvious what clubs and organizations get all of the attention and which get less attention.
There are not a huge selection of opportunities to get involved in. There is either sports or band/speech & debate and that's it. So there are definite cliques that grow further from one another and it is hard to mix them. With more activities and opportunities, there would be more chances for those cliques and groups to mix.
I rate this school one short of the best only because I always leave room for improvement for the best. I transferred to this school because my family moved and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. The teachers and administration were extremely welcoming when I came and they have kept up the welcoming attitude and continue to care about all the best that they can offer. As times change and students pass through the halls year after year, the school is very adapting to new technology and still seek to have a personal connection with each student and parent.
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