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The school is very welcoming. All the teachers are kind, helpful. It is a small school, everyone knows everyone. The community comes together for special events, sports, and community events.
I enjoyed going to Fairview High School because it was a very welcoming environment. All the teachers tried their best to help you succeed and the whole staff made my experience at Fairview a breeze.
This is my senior year at Fairview High School. I have enjoyed my time here. It is a great school in a great district. It is in a safe environment where the teachers and staff really care about the well-being of the students.
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Awesome School. Everyone is treated equal. They is a club and activity for everyone that wants one. Teacher really care about what you learn and that you are prepared for the next stage in your life. Everyone seems to be interested in helping the high, low and middle class be productive citizens after graduation. If I had to offer one area in the needs improvement area it would be in the area of freshman orientation. Communication could improve on freshman knowing everything that is offer right from the start.
Need updated sports facilities. The football stands are new but everything around it needs improvement. Locker room, press box, concessions etc.. Homework needs to end. Kids are in school allday then have to do hours of homework when they get home. It is very negative for them and the parents. It puts unnecessary stress on the whole family. But overall a great school. I am proud my kids go to this school. GO AGGIES!!
The administration cares more about what clothes you are wearing or how long your hair is rather than how to correctly educate you.
Fairview High School is a learning environment where I have had the privilege to call my superiors my greatest mentors. The staff makes a true effort to make the environment clean and efficient enough to benefit each student. From the janitors to the office staff- no one fails to ask how your day is or offer a friendly smile. If I could change one thing about my high school, it would ironically be the friendliness that I just spoke so highly of. Although I love the effort the faculty pours into us- sometimes they're more concerned about being friends to the students rather than superiors. The reality of the situation is that students misunderstand the bonds formed as means to disrespect authority. Recently, students have gotten into the habit of dropping proper titles and calling faculty by their last name, and sometimes only their first. Fixing this problem would only benefit the students who move into a workplace that demands respect, submission to authority and obedience.
Fairview is a beautiful high school with open-minded students and teachers. What i like most about the school is the enthusiasm of my teachers. If I ever need anything my teachers are always willing to help me to their best abilities.
There are some teachers at the school that value learning, not simply passing for a grade. They want to see students succeed and be able to build a life for themselves.
At Fairview High School, you attend a school in a friendly invironment with a great teacher faculty who are willing to help students in anyway they can. We have a study period on Fridays to work on any homework and study for test. I would like for that period to be moved to Wednesday of every week because most test are on Thursday and Friday. This great for students who have extra curricular activities going on after school to study and work on homework.
Fairview High School is known as one of the best schools in Cullman County and I truly believe it is. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and our academic scores are through the roof. A few of the sports teams have struggled in the past but the 2015-2016 year we have really stepped up. There are so many clubs and organizations available with a variety of opportunities! I am proud to be a Fairview Aggie.
This school really sucks. The administration preaches athletics and involvement over learning and education. Nobody cares if you're ready for life outside of high school or not. Most of the teachers are unqualified and related to the principal. I would not send my kids here.
I loved every moment of my school, as the years went by you would appreciate even more. The teacher were like family they wanted to see you exile in everything you do. If I could go back to my earlier years i would not change a thing.
We do have a variety of extracurriculars and have recently began a theatrical club.
Fairview has a great sense of community pride and helping students become involved in their school.
Fairview High School is striving every year to become a better place of learning.
I would not choose this school again.
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Teachers play favorites among students.
Our school has gotten very big on making it the safest it can be. This year the high school has been really big on preparing us for how we would need to react and what would happen if the school had a shooter show up. The school has taken many measures to become safer.
Last year the CCBOE had decided to have one half Wednesday a month where the teachers have P.D. the second half of the day. This year the high school decided to have club day on this day so that every student would have to participate in at least two clubs.
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