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Choral Program is amazing along with the arts department as a whole! I love Fairview and it has molded the way I am
My experience at Fairview has been phenomenal. The location of the school is amazing. There's a lake near the school and a great view of the rocky mountains. I've met wonderful teachers and students from all grades. There isn't as much diversity at the school, but it's a very welcoming school. Teachers are there to help you when you're struggling and will not give up on you. This school offers many opportunities ranging from academics to sports. Overall the school is an amazing experience.
I loved the academic drive that was present in the Fairview community. There were endless opportunities available to get involved with the school and community. The strong support from faculty and administration created the type of environment where success was not only possible, but achieved. Some things I think would improve the overall Fairview experience for future students would be implementing more programs for students to manage stress. I also believe that if here was more education regarding the party culture that is so popular in high school and how there are other ways to have fun.
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The school gives everyone of any learning style a chance to be the best they can academically and athletically. It also offers a variety of clubs, and the opportunity to create one if one does not exist that students wish to have. Everyone can find their group of people, and since it is such a big school, I have never found that anyone is directly judgmental of another person or group since the school is so diverse.
Academically it’s great, however it’s so competitive and the atmosphere is a little toxic, honestly.
Total focus on all academics as well as sports, music, drama, and special clubs. As a student there I enjoyed the diversity of their curriculum and community involvement. They excelled academically on the national arena as well as sports and extracurricular competition (debate, etc.).
Fairview had a lot of students, but managed to make it all feel like one community. Academics and sports are both a priority so whether one is a "jock" or a "nerd" they will all get the same treatment.
Fairview is a good school academically wise. The pressure is how ever really big,it is stressful. You can feel like a failure at times. Some teachers are mean and unreasonable. The majority is also made up of white rich people. It’s hard to fit in if you are a minority like me. Some people there can be really rude. Some are racist.The school isn't all bad though. There are a couple of teachers who have been really nice to me and helped me out. I went part time to Arapaho for a CTEC program. I ended up loving it there. I met amazing people who I ended up getting close to. The majority of them were white, but they weren't like the white people at Fairview. My Criminal Justice teacher was the best teacher I have ever had. I email her whenever I have a problem. She really got to know her student and cared about them. I think that is a quality Fairview needs to work on. Fairview might have just not been a school for me.
Fairview High School is really good for a public high school, they have lots of resources and support and good academics.
Amazing academic programs and teachers! Lots of really amazing ways to get involved in the boulder community through community service, extra curricular and sports. The music and arts departments are also incredible!
I think this school got us prepared for college really well. I felt like we had some independence. The options for classes was good. They had many different levels that was offered. I thought the teachers there were good. There was some that defiantly was not my favorite but this is normal in all schools.
Overall, I had a really great experience at Fairview High School. The teachers and advisers were very helpful and made meaningful connections. However, the administration did not facilitate an inclusive environment and did not handle any bullying, abuse, or exclusivity in any matter whatsoever. This did not create a very diverse or inclusive environment.
it is a great school. My experience there has been wonderful. I am even somewhat sad to leave this place. The teachers are very helpful and truly try to help all the students. One thing I love about this school is the block schedule. On wensday and thursday, students get 45min just to talk to teachers; get help and make up things. I would highly recommend this school.
Fairview is great! It's very hard at times but I've learned a lot. Most of the teachers are really, really good and are approachable. Fairview has a lot of classes to choose from, including both AP and IB tracks, as well as College Prep classes. There is something for everyone to get involved. Fairview has great sports. Some are highly competitive and are cut sports, but some are no-cut, so everyone can do a sport if they want to.
Fairview has prepared me so well for college. I had lots of friends and felt like I fit in, the teachers were amazing, and the environment was overall incredible. However, the water fountain in the 400 hall is never as cold as I would like it to be.
Fairview High School was overall a good high school. The teachers were all intelligent and well qualified. The environment was for the most part friendly, but had a work hard play hard mentality, which at times was quite stressful.
I love fairview, Its a school were I feel like the teachers are very passionate about their job, and teach students in a more hands on kind of way. I feel like I would love to see more diversity at this school.
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I really like the teachers, and the rigorous academics. The school challenged me in the best way possible. It was a great learning environment.
I'm insanely glad to have been a student at Fairview High School compared to the many other schools out there. Despite the horrendous bathrooms (which are being fixed in a bond next year!), the teachers have been great, I've had tons of extracurricular opportunities, and I've been able to get the IB Diploma. I've made a ton of great friends and rarely felt unsafe at the school or around any of its students.
I have gone to Fairview for 4 years now, and I really like it. My teachers are very good and approachable, for the most part, and I have made a ton of friends. I've participated on both the girls basketball and soccer teams, where I have met a lot of awesome people. I'm also doing the IB diploma program at FHS, which is very challenging at times, but I have still enjoyed the process, and am glad to be doing it. Fairview prepares you really well for college. Everyone I know who is currently in college says that they were very well prepared for college coming out of Fairview. There are so many opportunities at Fairview and it is honestly a great school.
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