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Fairview High School Reviews

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I attended Fairview my entire life. The staff is very nice, but I feel like I basically learned nothing. The entire school was always worried about football or money and that is it.
Fairview is a very diverse school, I attended Fairview my entire High School Career. Although at the time the football players had the best experiences due to the administration at the time. But has recently underwent change in administration, and is looking to improve far in the past few years since I graduated, their test scores have improved greatly and the school has seen major improvements with their facilities.
I had a very good education.
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Most teachers go above and beyond to help their students.
not alot of kids participate. they dont push you to join them.
not all parents show they care
they are great and show they really care about each student
I love this school. I enjoyed the many years I was there
Fairview is such a great school. All of the facility is so caring and is willing to help you no matter your circumstances.
I believe my school is very safe. Because it is so small, the faculty and staff is very close. If anyone at anytime needs ANYTHING, there is always someone willing to help, whether a staff member or other students. We don't really have a problem with harsh bullying. We've all grown up together, so we're always there for each other and feel sympathy for everyone's problems. I'm proud to attend such a great school with a caring environment.
Fairview doesn't offer any Honors or AP classes, so for those that are advanced, they don't have as much of a challenge. Although, the school is small and there is more one on one with students and the counselor is excellent. She is willing to help with scholarships and college readiness at anytime.
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