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I loved the small classes. The teachers are always there to help their students when they need it, and the community surrounding the school is just as supportive.
Fairview is a great school. I have learned so much in the 13 years I have been here. They offer many educational opportunities like dual-enrollment and middle college. They offer a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities.
I've been going to Fairview Area Schools since I was in 5th grade. The classes are very small, so it's really easy to get help when you need it, and everyone has a fair chance to a good education. You grow up knowing your classmates well, and you become a tight knit little family. They also allow you to take college classes while in high school. Because of this opportunity, I'll be graduating with 30+ credits from Kirtland Community College. Because it's such a small town, there are not a lot of extracurricular clubs to be apart of, but there is a lot of community involvement. The school volunteers for Blood Drives, hosts an Eagle Festival, annual Spring Auction, at least 2 choir concerts a year, a talent show, and Veterans Day.
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Fairview is a good place to start life. The small size makes the school unique. Everyone knows everyone. Relationships are made easily. My best friends have been with me since Kindergarten. Since the school is so small, we get to take every class together. It is easy to develop close friendships with students from every class and even some staff members. Most teachers are always available to answer questions. Sports teams are small so try-outs are not required to be on a team. The downside of that is a lack of dedication from teammates. My favorite memory is winning basketball districts and beating our rivals that are about twice the size of us. The class sizes are very small which helps students interact with each other. One issue with having only one teacher per subject is that they don't have to compete with anyone. They often dont explain things fully and it is difficult and frustrating for students. Besides some of the complications with a small school, I would choose to attend Fairview again. I love my friends that I have grown up with and the relationships we have developed. I also love being able to share my Faith in God without being persecuted.
At this school bullying isn't a huge problem. Maybe every once in awhile but for the most part its just we get tired of each other after being together for so long or we are just joking around and no one is hurt from it.
Working in the lunch room is hard and having certain restrictions can also be hard but its not fair that the kids have to take stuff when they don't have to eat it. They aren't going to so why waste it? Plus the food isn't always seasoned orbits just given to us without anything being done beside being put in the oven.
Its good, the staff really want the kids to do well and make sure the kids know what to do in certain situations and are very willing to help and want what is best for us most of the time
Considering that there are hardly any kids, its not surprise that we don't have certain sports but the quality of equipment for some sports is bad. They only care about certain sports, like basketball and track but not volleyball and get better equipment for the sports they care about.
For being in a small area the teachers get to know the kids well and can make good friends with each other. Not all the teachers are great though because they've been at it for far too long but its hard to find replacements.
The community is very small and therefore has almost nothing to offer. The kids are left alone to organize there own events and hangouts.
There are a few things I wish were different about this school, but really I can't imagine going anywhere else. You know everyone in your class personally. Everyone on the staff knows each student personally and are available to help students whenever they need it.
Our school cafeteria has no options. As far as main course there is one thing. You have to have one fruit and one vegetable with every lunch, but there is only one of each available, so if you don't like it you still have to take it but then you just throw it away. There isn't even a salad bar or even salad as an option every day; when there is salad, it is just plain lettuce. The quality of our food isn't very good either, it is gross and sometimes we will have a soft pretzel as a lunch, nothing else with it as far a protein.
Our administration and policies are great. The counselor, teachers, and superintendent work together to come up with the best and most effective way to handle issues. The only real controversial policy is the attendance policy, if you have more than three absences in a marking period it will start effecting your grade, ten percent for every absence. This would be fine if absences for doctor appointments or the like could get excused. Another problem that parents and students have is a lack of discipline for coming to school high or even leaving school in the middle of the day to go smoke weed and then returning under the influence. There are a few students that do this everyday and everyone knows, including teachers and higher authority, but nothing is done because there is always an excuse, whether its that they can't prove it or that it didn't happen on school grounds.
I personally don't participate in sports so I don't have much of an input or much knowledge as far as conditions of equipment or programs. I know that our school spirit is pretty good for our basketball teams, which is our big sport since we don't have football. Our 'fitness room' is a few weightlifting machines that are old and not in the best condition. We don't have a pool, tennis court, field hockey, or lacrosse either. Our teams are good for the most part.
There are not very many extracurricular activities, especially if you don't participate in sports. There are quite a few sports, but I'm not really a sports person. Beyond that there is choir, but I don't sing; Knowlege Bowl; and Student Council, which takes a limited amount of participants.
There is a bit of drinking that happens, and even teenage pregnancy, my class was especially bad with that. But overall, it's not that the school promotes that, quite the opposite, but the student body doesn't necessarily listen. a Third of the school is devote Christians, another third complete partiers, and then the last third is somewhere in between or neither.
The teachers try their best, and they have programs set up where you can take classes at the local college (duel enrollment), online, or even through a program with the surrounding counties where you can learn more trade based skills. They are in a very poor county of Michigan, but despite that, they try their hardest to give their students opportunities to help expand their horizons and give them an academic boost.
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Fairview is a very small school, with a small staff, and everyone know everyone. The administration is good, and we all know that the teachers are doing their best.
This was a good school. The staff is very caring and really works with the students, but there is not much that the school offers.
The school is to small to offer many of these opportunities.
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