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The guidance counselors had no idea what they were doing they had put me in the wrong classes several times which was causing to be even more behind on my credits, they were beyond lazy I had asked the counselor to sign me up for night classes so that I could graduate on time and he had told me that I didn't need it simply because he didnt want to have to fill out the paperwork. Also they werent allowing me to have a full day of class when I needed it because I came to school late a few times. Instead of punishing me with detention I was getting class taken away from me How are you supposed to make up credits if you aren't in class ?
I was not prepared for college after fairvalley, they made everyone there believe that they were going to go to a tech school, the military, or just work right out of school. They didn't talk to us about going to universities or even the community colleges.
I felt that maybe one or two of the teachers I had were "good" teachers. All of the teachers were polite and understanding but for the most part I felt that they just wanted to get through the day as quickly and painlessly as possible which is why they played movies or power points instead of teaching.
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since it was a continuation school mostly everyone there came from similar backgrounds, there was actually much less peer pressure and bullying there than there was at our previous high school. For the most part the students were very accepting of eachother.
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