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Fairport Harding High School Reviews

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Fairport Harding has taught me so much and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it has given me, like going to Lakeland two years early
We need better learning experiences. Better teachers that are more willing to teach in a fun way would also be better. I hate being bored in class because even the teacher doesn't want to be there. Although, I do like how small the school district is all together. Everyone knows everyone and most students are willing to help someone else in need, even throughout the community. Overall, it's a pretty good school district, I would have just liked to learn n more fun ways.
Everyone in the school is very welcoming. It is a close knit community in Fairport. I went to the Fairport School District from second grade until graduation, and students there will tend to keep the same friends throughout your schooling there. There will be some new people throughout due to open enrollment, but for the most part you will grow up with the same about 40 kids. Only disadvantage was that graduation was in the gym with no air conditioning.
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FHS has been my home for the last 6 years, my fellow students and my teachers have all become like a second family to me. Because we are such a small school, I know every faculty member and every student on a personal level. Everyone wants everyone there to succeed and is willing to fight to get you there.

If you stepped into FHS, you would immediately feel the love and commitment that everyone there has for each other. We are a proud community, and we always remain close. Once a Skipper, always a Skipper!
have a great phys ed teacher
would still choose this school because its smaller
no one strongly enforces the rules
they have the PSEO program which is very good
There is no daily food opinions, theres only a vending machine, and on monday, wendnesday, the school sells pizza to students. We do not have a cafeteria, just a old home ect. room.
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