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Fairmont Senior High School Reviews

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Fairmont Senior has been a great school for my kids. There are plenty of activities to keep them busy and the atmosphere is somewhat like a small community/family.
The administration at Fairmont Senior High School is mediocre at best. I'm referring more towards the principle and assistant principle. They're hurting for teachers, and the principle is basically running it into the ground. However bad they are, the students around me and some of the teachers are next to none. The students in my hardest of classes work so hard and are determined. Some of the teachers, I feel, genuinely love to see us succeed.
Fairmont Senior High School is a great school. The teachers were great and the administration cared about getting ready for the next step. The school has been upgraded to keep up with the changing technologies.
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It is a pretty decent school, the math area of it is very difficult and hard to learn, there’s a lot of diversity and interesting things happening But I definitely would choose this school over East or North any day.
Being a student at Fairmont Senior High School is a joke. The teachers would rather belittle you for asking questions than actually help you. The students have little to no supervision, so many fights and disruptions would break out. The staff do nothing when parents ask for help for their kids, and show little to no interest in the students as individuals. The teachers spend more time giving you work with no explanation then preparing you for your future. The only good thing about Fairmont Senior was the athletics, but otherwise they are a poor excuse for an academic institution.
Fairmont senior could easily be called the best school in the district but it has a long way to be recognized anywhere else, academic wise. All of our sports are great and earned a lot of state titles.
We are a blue ribbon school! I loved my experience at Fairmont Senior. I liked all my teachers and some would go out of their way to help you succeed! Most of my classes help prepare me for college level experiences! I’m very excited to graduate but will miss some good memories!
it has been a great experiment to readily prepare me for scholarships, college, and opportunities. The staff is kind. They keep you from doing the wrong thing as much as possible, but if you do they help you learn from your mistake.
After 4 years of attending Fairmont Senior High School I graduated with honors and was a Soccer State Champion and two time Basketball State Champion.
Fairmont Senior High School has been an amazing school in West Virginia having been a blue ribbon school. I enjoyed the athletic success and wide variety of clubs included.
While attending Fairmont Senior, I have accomplished so many things thanks to the support of my family, coaches, and teachers. During my freshman year of high school, I was apart of the Regional Championship Cheerleading team of 2014. In addition, I've been on the honor roll the past four years. Also, I have been accepted in West Virginia University, and our National Honors Society. I would not change one thing about the campus, or faculty! One tip I would give would be is that some of the math department teachers so go into more depth while teaching to assure that students grasp the concept confidently.
What I enjoyed about Fairmont Senior High School is the atmosphere. It was such a positive and happy surroundings. Students would always be in class eager to learn and the teachers/faculty was there to help and teach what we needed to learn. The bet days was the game days. Basketball and football were the biggest days. Everyone would get so excited and have a great time cheering from the stands and show support for their team and not just ours, but the opponents team as well.
Fairmont Senior is an all around great school. From being named a blue-ribbon school due to academics, fantastic athletic teams, and the diversity makes this school a great one!
My favorite part about Fairmont Senior is the culture. There is a lot of diversity within the school in every socioeconomic aspect, which in turn leads to occasional arguments and separation, but when somebody needs someone, Fairmont Senior truly sticks together and is a family.
Truly an honor to be a Polar Bear!
The many memories I made there I can never forget. I pray that every student would have that same experience where they can tell their children and grandchildren about the glory days.
I hated Fairmont Senior, and Fairmont as a whole. Fairmont is an awful place and you should never start a family there. West Virginia is the most oppressed and depressed state in the nation, and I would never recommend to anyone.
Fairmont Senior High School offers a wide variety of classes and has an agreement with the Marion County Vocational Center to allow students to learn a trade. One concern with Fairmont Senior is that we have three buildings which require students to go outside multiple times a day. Additionally, Fairmont Senior shares a football stadium with another school and is approximately three blocks away. Our basketball arena is even further away from the school.
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Teachers take care of their students as if their own children. Great and beautiful campus and facilities.The staff (the cooks, nurse, and etc.) extremely helpful to new faces. Classes are bit to spread out and the administration of the school is lirtle incommunicated and disorganized, but overall great school, filled with many possible new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
I've been an alumni of Fairmont Senior High School for four years now. All the members of my family attended there and I continued on the legacy. I've never had major problems with this school. I'm heavily involved in Student Government, National Honor Society and more. They offer many clubs and organizations that can meet anyone's desires. When it comes to sports, we're top notch. When it comes to Academics, we're pretty up there as well. The only problem I have with our Academic system is our Math Department and teachers in that department. They are definitely not as qualified I feel as they should be. Collectively as a whole, our school struggles year to year in math and I do believe strongly that the teachers are partly responsible for that. However, there's no other school I'd rather spend my four years at. We have our quirks but nothing beats the feeling of being apart of the Polar Bear Family.
The school is alright I just don't like some of the teachers, classes, or students. But the school over all is an OK experience overall.
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