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Fairmont Preparatory Academy Reviews

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Students of Fairmont have the great opportunities to learn. The diversity of the student and faculty makes it an interesting place to study
Very satisfactory and good school. The admins, staffs and teachers are very nice and helpful. Everyone strives to reach their goal and the overall school atmosphere is very encouraging.
I love fairmont prep a lot, I was a student athlete there.. Everyone was so loving and helpful it made school more enjoyable.
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Fairmont is great, because the size of the school is very beneficial for social and academic life. Fairmont definitely taught me and prepared me for college, because of the difficulty of the courses. The size of class allow you to have a unique one on one relationship with all of your professors if you choose to. The culture of the students is great, because we are a tight knit community. It is easy to be yourself around others and have fun.
Fairmont is a place to explore. As a private school, one has abundant room to grow and find oneself. Small class sizes allow you to really shine, truly get to know everyone around you, teachers as well as students. On that note, teachers at Fairmont Prep is truly its, arguably, greatest asset. As potentially mentors for life, teachers here will be your friends and guide you through hardships and help you along the way, in more ways than academics as well.
A lot of resources available within the campus for students. Teachers and counselors are always more than happy to assist those who are struggling both inside and outside of the classroom.
Good school with good academics and an IB program. Teachers tend to be very hit or miss, so either really good or complete disasters. Sports are horrible, but most of the students are more academically-driven, so that makes sense. Admin has made very bizarre rules, such as the "all girls wearing skirts must wear tights," as if wearing tights is going to stop anybody from doing anything.
Teachers are always very willing to help students, but the overall teacher quality is disappointing at times. My experience at Fairmont Prep has been generally positive, but there have been some lows, especially in the context of somewhat unqualified teachers.
I like the courses that Fairmont offers to its students and the teacher here is extremely nice. However, I would say that the tuition is a bit expensive and students have to pay a lot of additional fees during the year.
Fairmont Preparatory Academy does an exceptional job preparing students for colleges. It also can help students of all abilities reach their potential, not just the super smart ones.
Fairmont Preparatory Academy is a wonderful school with great teachers, faculty and staff! The students and families are wonderful as well! I am grateful and truly appreciate the school's diversity, college readiness, safety, resources, and sincere love and support of all the teachers and faculty.

This is truly a wonderful school and my family is blessed to be apart it. Thank you Fairmont Preparatory Academy, for providing many positive and memorable opportunities and experiences, but most importantly for making a difference in our children's lives!
Fairmont Prep excels at strong, traditional academic teaching, high test scores, and college acceptance rates. Focusing on high test scores and college though has some trade-offs; students often have high stress loads because they are trying to balance their academic, extracurricular, social, and family life. The admin is making an intentional effort to adjust the culture to be warmer and more community-like without losing the strengths of its goal oriented focus.
As a transfer student, Fairmont has definitely impacted my perception of school. The teacher/counselors have allowed me to see the capabilities that I have in thriving at college. The staff here are super friendly and interested in getting to know you, so you immediately feel welcomed. Although Fairmont is known for the international students program, it would be great to see more of a student diversity ethnic-wise. A more diverse student population would encourage the students to thrive and grow together more socially. Another improvement that I highly wish for the school is the amount of investment that is put into certain extracurriculars. More investment would bring so much change for our football program, and athletes can get stronger and eventually move up to the next division. As for the music department, a lot of our vocalists and our music orchestra do have potential, and more investment would allow them to become even more confident and better with their abilities.
The small class sizes available at this school are unheard of in public. Students are given the attention they need from teachers to excel. The staff truly cares about each individual student and assists them to reach their goals and beyond. The beautiful campus is a plus!
I transferred back to Fairmont after being gone my freshman and sophomore year (i've been at Fairmont my whole life) and I can honestly say I've never been happier.
Very strong in academics and college readiness.Not too much at sports and the student body is mostly asian. Despite this students are very cultured and many teachers try to involve students in life and participate.
It is an amazing school with absolutely brilliant and great opportunities. This school has allowed me to flourish and fall in love with school.
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We do not have a nurse at school, but if someone else is feeling ill they will be sent home. In all my years at this school I have heard of anyone being bullied. We have security guards one who looks who comes in and out the property and two who look out in the property I feel really safe.
I've been going to Fairmont since 4th grade and when I first attended this school I was failing all my classes. In my public school I never did my homework and when I or her I staryed doing my work and actually studied for test and quizzes.Fairmont Preparatory Academy is great, but there are thing that I would love tp change. This school gives great opportunities to travel and great community service planning. But, this school is know for their education and they offer AP and IB courses that challege students beyond they can go.
Mr. Hassoun is our math teacher he teachers alfebra 1, geometry, and statistics. He's been my math teacher for three years and every time I have him this has been my favorite class. He takes his class serious, but he always makes jokes and makes the class laugh. He is very engage with the students and he LOVES to help students on problems they dont understand. His notes are straighforward there is no way you can leave the class room without understanding the lesson. Best math teacher ever!!!