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Fairmont Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Fairmont High school offers many great opportunities for students in fine arts and sports. Because of the school's moderate size students can participate in as many activities as they want and there are many of them. FHS also has many student lead clubs and organizations based on interests and opinions. The schools independent learning policies help prepare the students for college learning.
For the area, this school was excellent. The amount of college classes that I was able to take in the school were a highlight of my education.
Administration at the high school is incompetent, acts like they're better than you because you're a student, and like your opinion is valueless. Otherwise it's just typical high-school stuff, academics are ok, some teachers are awesome, some are terrible. Fairmont is a town that will constantly tell your kid they are second class because they are young.
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Overall my experience was good and what I like most about it is that they were able to bring back the FFA Program. We are a farming/agriculture community and had not had this program in the school for 30 years. The instructor was amazing and the program helped me decide that I wanted to pursue an agriculture degree in college. I was active for 4 years and took a 1st and 2nd place at regions for Wildlife management and also took runner up at State convention 2 years in a row. Now I am a sophmore at SDSU and pursuing an Ag Science degree - Poultry/wildlife management degree. I can thank Fairmont JR/SR High teacher Amber Seibert for all her help along with many other great teachers from my high school experience.
I am very thankful for the opportunities that Fairmont High School provided for college credit. I came into college with over a year of classes finished.
Teachers are usually great and many kids enjoy learning from them. There are a few bad eggs however and administration can make parents frustrating for sticking to the rules and being conservative. As the world advances, they try to keep up and usually do it at the students' (who follow the rules) cost. Very good in diversity of activities and ways to keep kids from bad habits. 4/5
Most of the teachers are wonderful and will go beyond to help students, while some others seem to just be there for a paycheck.
Not a lot of activities to get involved besides athletics, but since it's a small town high school, I guess that's to be expected.
All teachers know what they are talking about most of the time
We have an on duty officer at the school at all times and we have locks on doors in case of emergencies
We have a lot of different sports and activities that every one has a chance to join and everyone gets an equally opportunity to participate
My high school career was by far some if the best years of my life so far I felt like every one loves each other and when I was in sports I really felt like people had each other's back and everybody respected each other and the teachers were very friendly also and they all had a positive impact on me in different ways
They have great ways to teach the lessons most of the time and they are more than willing to sit down and help you with anything you need help school wise or personal wise
Speech is definitely a close-knit group, there's definitely a different attitude amongst them. Robotics is another club, they tend to air on the more social side, but it's more accepting than Speech. Otherwise all afterschool programs are sports, the quality there depends on the sport.
The longer I go to school here, the more I feel less knowledgeable on what is going on in it. I've had a lot of trouble with counselors, they are very nice people, but they don't really seem to have a clue on what's going on. This is especially difficult in relation to PSEO classes and college planning, most of the work has to be done on your own.
Extremely varied, we have some who care about their students and adapt well to teaching multiple styles of learning. Then we have others who are barely able to teach, they're stuck in one way of learning and students of today no longer learn in that fashion.
Most of the teachers at FHS are good. There are a few that looked like they didn't care, but most teach effectively, care about the students, and will go above and beyond when necessary.
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Many of the programs are very strong and have great leaders. Other programs provide a great opportunity for everybody to get playing time and experience. The speech team competes at a national level and has been the best program at the class A level for 10+ years now.
The support for the football, baseball and basketball teams is great. The school's most perennially successful programs such as cross country and speech don't receive any attention from those outside the programs, despite their success at the highest level. This is also a problem for teams that have great individual seasons such as golf, tennis, gymnastics and soccer. Parents don't seem to care about anything that doesn't involve their own children.
There is a wide variety of teachers, good and bad.
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