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What I like about Fairmont High School are the different opportunities there are to take college classes in high school and the involvement in sports and school activities.
As a senior, I am able to say that my experience as Fairmont High was nothing less than interesting. It has a diverse population full of individuals with very unique personalities. It is known for its championship-winning sports teams and southern personalities.
My experience at Fairmont was pretty average some of the teachers are very passionate about what they do and also take the time to speak one on one with a student if they need help. Some classes will not have a teacher so a permanent substitute will be in there and it’s harder to pass the class but most of the time there will be a teacher in there. The school is primarily African American but there are also lots of Native Americans too. Football and Basketball players often times get special treatment and administrators Will look the other way for their star players to avoid discipline. The lunch staff is very kind and outgoing about serving lunch to students. Assistant Principals usually only stay a couple of years before they move to a another school. The counselor Miss Tonya Locklear is very nice and will cooperate and help students when needed. College advisor Mr. Sun takes the time to sit down and guide students through their college applications.
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Going to fairmont high school was a little difficult. Half of the stuff you learn in HighSchool you don't learn in college. It don't teach you how to budget well or manage your loans properly.
I love the way if you play a sport the coaches really do care about you and your future as an athlete
The things i liked about Fairmont was how safe it was.If i could change something i would change the food and some of the teachers.
I have been a student at Fairmont High School for three years. I have enjoyed this time and appreciate the wonderful teachers that have inspired me and that I have formed a connection with. One thing that I would like to see change is more teaching spot filled. There have been a few classes that wouldn't have a teacher because the school could find a replacement. Without a teacher, it makes the class harder to complete.
Fairmont high school is a awesome place the experience made me who i am. making friends and have excellent teachers as my role models brightened my horizon as a person. Fairmont high school could use more help with the college help from college advisors. Fairmont high school athletics are the best in our county and being an athlete in a winning program means a lot. Fairmont high school is a place where you get to know yourself as a person and blossom into who you are meant to be.
My Experience at Fairmont High School has been a blast. Wouldn't change the past four years for anything.
Overall my experience with Fairmont High School was great. Being involved in student organizations helped me get out of my shell and also do work in my community. Athletics were always exciting at FHS. There's nothing like seeing those Tornadoes in action.
I graduated from Fairmont High School in June of 2017. Over all the school was good and most of the teachers were genuinely caring and good at their jobs. My time at Fairmont High was good I loved most of my teachers and do not regret going there.
What I like about fairmont high school the most would be the incentive time as well as the staff. The school itself doesn't stand out but the kids do. There are so many unique personalities and diverse groups that when I take the time to observe them it's pretty special and heart warming. I wish our principal would just take the time out to see what we see in each other and to try and actually understand us because too many of us are misunderstood and stand alone but if we stand together it would be so lovely and fun.
Fairmont High School has incredible resources for students who are passionate about their future and are willing to take initiative. It also offers a variety of extracurricular activities so that there is something available for everyone. Teachers at Fairmont do everything in their control to ensure the success of their students and make sure that their students are cared for and provided for beyond the classroom.
Fairmont High School is a bad school. The food is bad. There are bugs crawling around. The teachers are very mean, and unfair. The work is really easy, no challenges at all. The majority of the school is African American. There are clubs available.
I am currently attending Fairmont High school. It is a great school but there could be a few improvements on different aspects of the school. There are only a few teachers that I actually get along with and administration is not the best. I love my school but I would like to see some changes.
I Love Fairmont High, It's a great high school that prepares students for college. They offer college classes and the staff does everything they possibly can to make sure the student is college ready !
fairmont high is a great school to send your kids, they'll get great advice they'll have the best academics and they'll also have one on time with there teacher
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My experience at Fairmont High School has been the best 4 years of my life. It has allowed me to expand my social skills, explore other career options, as well as have teachers that are caring and willing to give you guidance to go into the direction. The only thing that I would like to see change at Fairmont High, would be focusing more on educational matters, like having enough books for student to take home, rather than worrying about the athletic department.
There are more than enough of topics and teachers to suite most interests. The scheduling process need some work though.
There's a lot of student involvement. There's about an equal amount of involvement in athletic and academic clubs. When it comes to race there's a lot of acceptance.
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