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Fairmont Heights High School Reviews

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It’s the best kept secret in PG County. It takes a village and honestly with patience and persistence anyone could see what Fairmont has to offer.
I enjoyed the teachers and staff at Fairmont Heights High School the most. Even thought I was surrounded by a lot of friends and support, I would always run to a teacher or a staff member for help or advice. They are filled with helpful advice and knowledge that i needed for High School dating , Friendships, or even help with another teacher. For me personally , there wasn’t much to dislike about the school. i know others would disagree but it was like a regular High School. There would be disagreements from students most of the time but other High Schools were even worse. If we were able to live life a second time ,I wouldn’t mind repeating my years at Fairmont even though i had been there for 3 years, not 4 like most people I graduated with in 2018.
Fairmont Heights High School is not the best high school but many students enjoy being in clubs and activities in the school. And many students support the sport teams and have a great school spirit.
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What I liked about fairmont heights were the people and teachers knowing them really changes your life they are like a second family to me. What I would like to see changed is how poor the education is the teachers have great personality’s but some need to be replaced due to the lack of motivation to teach us.
Fairmont Heights High School was a fun, but fairly difficult experience. High school is truly what you make it and it taught me a lot of things going into college (now that I am transitioning into my sophomore year).
Fairmont Heights High School is a family oriented school. Everyone knows everyone or bout each other and there is never a dull day in Fairmont. One thing I may say that I would like to see change is the teachers strategy on preparing the students for college. There should be more programs for students to engage in and have the right information they need in order to graduate and be college me career ready. Overall Fairmont Heights High School has been a terrific high school and opened my eyes to multiple things and I hope that as Miss Fairmont Heights High School l, I can help make this school even more better than what it already is.
Fairmont Heights High School taught me to treat others with respect and change my mindset to help better myself as a man. I highly recommend Fairmont Heights to everyone.
I liked the fact that the students are very accepting and look out for each other. Teachers are average. More parents should get involved . Majority of the school is black or Hispanic. Around half of the students are college ready.
My experience has been one full of memories and life lessons that I cherish. I love the teachers at the school as well as the diversity. One thing I would change is the administration.
It was a learning experience at this school, met a lot of people that helped me, a lot of people that brought me down. Freshman year, I did not take school seriously. My sophomore year I had to turn everything around, the staff seen the potential in me and I had to find a way to reach it. Now I am a scholar that can achieve a 3.5+ gpa. This past year the basketball team won the 1A state championship, the first one in 50+ years. Being on the basketball team my sophomore year no one looked at fairmont as a threat on the court, we were always the underdogs when we weren’t supposed to be. It was something special to be apart of and we will strive to go for a repeat this year.
Fairmont heights history is what draws me to the school. My school was the only available African American school in the county, when they first opened. This school had no sports or afterschool activities because the principal at the time wanted to focus on education. The students were so determined to change this. They stood up for what they believed in and had a non-violent protest right in the school's office. It may sound disruptive but, activities are what build students social level and confidence. There are so many stories behind this school and as a student I'm glad to be apart of it. There is only one thing I would change about my school and it is the lunch, I would like to have more choices.
The teachers are amazing but the students can be very difficult to deal with. They are disrespectful and do not care at all about schools. But there are amazing teachers who care and help students who are willing to be helped.
I truly love Fairmont Heights because of the new building we recently moved in. I love the counselors and how patient they are and also I love how they work with the students with their grades and expectations to reach their goal/s.
Covington will mess up your schedule. DO NOT ATTEND FAIRMONT. The staff takes away opportunities from students because of scheduling. Master schedule is some absolute trash. Ms.Walker is COUNTRY TRASH as well. She does not help anything.
Overall, great education. The teachers are nice and understanding, and I have never been confused or stressed when it came to the school work. The only thing i'd like to see change about this school is there discipline practices because I feel like students have been getting out of hand and doing what they want to do. I'd also like to see better sanitation around the school and cooking practices in the cafe.
I liked the school spirit teachers, parents, and even the alumni in which everyone showed. Also I liked the clubs and activities the school provided because everyone had a place at Fairmont. It was made so everyone could fit in.
My experience at Fairmont Heights High School was an learning experience the teachers had prepared me to continue my education in music. One thing I like about Fairmont Heights is the teachers dedication to assist the students in time of need. One thing that they can change is the food quality. Fairmont Heights should have more healthier food choices in the cafeteria and in the vending machines.
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Admin is a little disorganized. Teachers and students complain about disorganization. Teaches build great connections with students. Many clubs and sports to join. Favoritism does exist within Fairmont, especially towards the principal daughter.
Something I like about Fairmont Heights is that we all come together for games and activities and enjoy our self and some teachers also help many students to succeed
My overall experience at this school was above average. I believe it was only this way because of the IT Program I was in. If your child is not in a program at this school it is very hard for them to focus. Administration could use class on how to properly delegate large bodies of kids. And security could use a step up.
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