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Fairmont Elementary School Reviews

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Most of the extracurricular activities for students higher than the 6th grade were done at the middle school in town.
The most taken class at this school was leadership which was an elective for 7-8 grade students. It was fun because it showed the students how to have leadership skills and we had activites and rallies to actually work on the learned skills.
The schools nurse was the only thing that was not the best at the school.
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My favorite experiences was the rallies , what makes Fairmont unique is that we were all one big family everything the teachers did was for their students to succeed. I would choose this school again because I felt at home I didn't feel like the shy scared kid on my first day, I felt like I belonged.
The teachers were so caring and showed nothing but love for their students, they wanted to make sure that we could succeed in life in everything that we choose to do.
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