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i like the teachers the new information i got. just overall a great school i graduated from. It always gives a helping hand out to students at need, may it be whatever physically and mentally
I entered Fairley as a freshman. As a " baby " coming in to high school I had high expectations. I set my expectations too high. Fairley has an unjust discipline system, rude teachers and administrators, and extremely horrible food quality. Most high Have clubs, we have no clubs and hardly any student activities. As a student at this school I feel as if we need more involvement from health inspectors and the board of education.
I've been going to Fairley High School for three years now since Greendot has came. I love how they fund all students to visit a college every year (different colleges for different grade levels) and it expands our options. I feel like we have a good learning level than I've heard was terrible before I got here. We have many school events through the year that gets us excited about school
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In my opinion Fairley High school is so much better since Greendot has came and made us an ASD school. Every year they buy tour buses and pay the expenses for each student to visit a college. Each grade level visits a different college. Our principal greets us everyday at the door with a high five as he checks to see if we're in uniform. We take a class called advisory to get us ready for College, Leadership, and Life.
As a student ambassador and a band member the administration are very hands on with everything that goes on and they are accepting of a lot of things that occur.
My school is unique because we came from a horrible place my school almost got shut down until greendot came along and now we have the largest amount of growth on EOC test in the state of Tennessee.
I love all my teachers. My teachers really are preparing me for college ,leadership,and life.
I love to be very active
I Have a good rate
When i first attended Fairley HS i had the best time ever and still was able to have good grades. Fairley has changed so much when entering my 11th grade year. A lot of things we enjoyed has been taking away, classes are much different, activities aren't as fun as they were, our uniform has become more strict. Overall the only thing keeping fairley worth going to is the people thats been together since elementary and middle school.
Everyone was very supportive during my major deadly surgery .
Fairley high school is great . I've attended Fairley since my 9th grade year and over those four years I've never had any issues.
This school is alright, but there are some pros and cons. First of all, it tends to be a bit disorganized, and a good amount of things at the school can change in the next few years. However, it does show far greater growth than most schools in its area, as seen with its EOC scores, but the athletic program is not much to brag about.
They are very relaxed about updating parents or helping to get access to needed information to see the status of the child's education progress.
The school does not have a lot of issues overall. The guidance counselors were not very helpful in providing needed information for seniors heading to college. My daughter is number three in her class and was not assisted in obtaining any scholarships for her education. They contact parents daily about attendance issues, but they will not address questions and concerns quickly.
The new school system gave a lot of parents hope and expectations beyond what they were willing to offer.

The kids are disgusted with a lot of the processes as well as many parents.
The types of clubs and organizations have been limited to activities that would only promote college education. Agriculture and vocational organizations have been removed from the school to convince the students to attend college, but due to the area of the city, that is not always an option.
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My daughter has expressed her opinion of the school as being very relaxed since the new school system has taken over for the 2014-2015 school year. Most teachers do not show the dedication that the previous teachers showed. A lot of the teachers are prejudice against African Americans based on comments made during the classes.
We have campus security officers who work on the premises . They do not carry guns nor weapons . Two police officers come to the school after school patrolling the inside and outside areas of the school .
I have been in band all my four years attending Fairley . I am apart of Leadership Memphis , National Honor Society, Student Ambassador and FTAT. Fairley has transformed from a low performing school to an average performing school due to it being taken over by GreenDot Public Schools . GreenDot has done so much for Fairley and they just made the school so much better in so many ways . The are really great people who cares about everyone in the school and in the community . GreenDot does not sale your dreams , they make them come true . I'm very proud that they were able to save Fairley and make it better in less than a couple of months . Of course , they're not done reforming us just yet , but they've done marvelous job with the school .It's takes a village to raise child and in my eyes GreenDot is that special village that helped and continually helping Fairley .
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