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I loved my tenure at Fairley. I was a member of the National Honor Society. I was in the top 10% of my graduating class along with being a majorette for our Power Source Marching Band. My experience was great one that I will always cherish and represent.
My High School is Awesome--Although I graduated in 2017--my experience was great. I loved my teachers I was a part of the Honor Society as well as the Mighty Fairley High Marching Band--My school Rocks!!!!
The best 4 years. I will graduating with friends I have had since 9th grade. I experienced the love from the relationships with the teachers and staff supporters. I will take what I have learned out into the world to make it a better place.
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This school has low test and academic grades. The administration is terrible, most adults working there show lack of interest in students. Teachers give up on students and sometimes don't teach lessons during class time. One guidance counselor has 24/7 attitudes with students, doesn't do her job, won't help students get into college, etc. Student behavior is very low, students over rule the teacher and basically do what they want. This school is biased and unfair. Too strict on uniform policy. Doesn't offer a lot to students. There is mo diversity, the school food is terrible, they feed the same food over and over until its all gone, no matter old or not. This school also starts too late and ends too late.
I love that Fairley gave me the opportunity to experience multiple college environments. The only thing I would change is the participation in the community.
The things I like about Fairley High School is how the grading system is set up.Things I would change about the school is the uniforms and having more activities.
Fairley High School promotes academic excellence and inspires scholars to achieve greatness in the classroom and beyond.
What I like about fairley High School is that the teachers are really into helping the students. One thing to improve is the safety of students fights need to be stopped and gang violence need to end
Fairley High School is a great school. Many people have stories or have heard stories of things that go on inside Fairley. My personal experience is beyond those stories and comments because I am a Fairley student ,and I have strong confidence in the things that are taught there.Fairley is strong and we will push on . Positive vibes only .
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