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Fairless High School was a great high school to go to. They had quality teacher for the most part, but a new building is needed. The lack of air conditioning is huge in distraction for most kids. Nobody can focus when they are sitting there in a hot school.
I enjoyed all four of my years, and have actually had a great time. Best school in the district and anybody who says otherwise ain't very bright. GO FALCONS.
Some of the teachers are the best I’ve ever had. Amazing teachers, and even more amazing inspirations. Now while there are these select few, there are some teachers who did absolutely nothing. The guidance counselor was the worst I’ve ever had! He was rude, obnoxious, and was only trying to meet his military bonus quota. Major bullying problems at this school and the faculty does nothing about it. When teachers try to step in they get in trouble. Some people definitely need to be fired for it to be a decent environment for children.
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Very poor teachers except for a select few. You can tell that nobody cares about anyone but themselves. There is no person trying to solve any of the schools/kids problems unless it is easy for them. Poor school, even poorer faculty.
What did I like about Fairless High School? I like being apart of the student section, also known as "The Dirty Birds", I also liked being apart of the volleyball team, it was my passion, sadly it took until my junior year for us to get an amazing coach that actually stayed in the program and wanted to help. There are definitely some amazing people in that school who have inspired me, but unfortunately, there were some who brought me down. Some things that I would like to see change is the diversity in the school. I would also like to see that our staff and administrators care more for our students and school. I would like to see the teachers who care for their students and go above and beyond for them get more credit than they do. I would also like to see more tradition in the school. I am going to miss Fairless when I graduate, but hopefully, things that are not the best right now, change for the generations to come.
Fairlesss High School is generally a good school. For the most part the teachers are very caring and helpful. There’s not many fights or anything to worry about it. LGBT kids though sometimes have a harder time here. My best friend is gay and sometimes the teachers and students don’t respect that and don’t help with any other the problems they face. He was told “You chose a hard lifestyle” as if he chose to be gay. But other than these issues, the school is usually a nice place to be apart of.
Most of the teachers are great, but there’s no ac in the building. There isn’t very many clubs offered. There is college classes offered though.
The staff are not very serious about their jobs. There wasn't much done about bullying in the schools.
I love the school I go to, while the building may be older and it has seen better days, hence my rating on the facilities. But you have to look past that and pay attention to the overall attitude of the people in the school. The teachers are amazing and know how to make learning exciting. I have gone to Fairless my entire life and could not of picked a better school to attend if I had the option to..
Excellent teachers and a positive atmosphere. It would be great if the high school could have central cooling during the summer though.
Aside from the bullies the friends I made were great
Teachers could incorporate more real world examples and more technology into the leasons
Security sister. Police in and out constantly. Dog drug searches. Sign in sign out. Visitors sign in sign out. Parent permission for things you feel isn't even necessary but has to because the school wants to be on the safe side
We have sports, where a lot of people participate in. Playhouse which is plays and musicals. The band, choir programs are awesome. We have ping pong club, and an academic team that actually won the championship last year. Our band goes to Virginia to compete that they are invited too not just signed up for. Our sports teams have had state champions, qualifiers, district champions, district appearances, league championships, undefeated seasons. We are a great school overall when it comes to After school programs,
The school spirit and pride is amazing. It's a small school and we have crazy heart. We stay together no matter what. We all have each others back. Everyone knows everyone and most student's parents are alumni of the school. Everything always comes together. For instance when we made it to the district final in basketball last year there were cars upon cars following our bus. The entire community was there and it was a packed gym, fans had to pack outside the hallway because the gym was so full to catch the game. Fairless as always been home and it's been a wonderful experience
The teachers use great examples and have several learnings activities. It's not all lecture. We do review games, question and answer. We do a lot of activities that include communication and it helps others get to work with other people. We have teachers who do way more than what they have to. The school has definitely prepared me for college. The teachers use a lot of real world examples based on the topic we're talking about. I have no complaints at all. They are available most of the day including after school hours. They definitely go above and beyond
The school counselors are helpful and know a lot but some of them aren't very available all of the time.
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There is a large amount of fan support for certain sports. There isnt really a happy medium. As a student you either support sports or couldn't care at all. The sports teams are pretty good and work very hard.
There are teachers that do more than they have to and then there are teachers that don't do as much as they possibly could. There are also teachers that care more about their sport then their academics.
I believe it inst the easiest it could be to get all A's but if one works hard enough I'm sure almost every student could do it. Most teachers are very helpful and try their hardest to help everyone.
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