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Health and safety at Fairlawn is taken very seriously. We have frequent practice on how to properly handle situations with intruders, fires and tornados. Bullying is not taken lightly, neither is putting someone else in danger by any means. The school does a great job keeping people safe.
At Fairlawn there are beyond plenty of extracurricular activities. And all those activities work around eachother so students may be involved in multiple activities. For example, I am involved in Choir, Cheer, Drama Club, FCCLA and even Project 7 Bible Study Club. And that's just me! We also have extracurricular activite such as the After School Program, which is offered to students in all grades. The program even offers transportation home after the After School Program. Students may stay after school and a snack is offered along with then 30 minutes of physical activities and then another hour of learning and homework. It helps get students the extra help they need and deserve.
Fairlawn High School is hands down the best. I have been attending this school since Kindergarten and I wouldn't have it any other way. The teachers are hardworking and caring. Parents of my peers are also caring and very supportive. Not only do they want the best for their children, but they want the best for me and all the other students. Fairlawn is a very close nit school because it is a very small school. I love that, everyone knows everyone. We are one big family.
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My teachers are welcoming and knowledgable. They know what they are talking about and they help me get work accomplished. I feel very safe in their classrooms and know I can come to them when I need help. They are available almost all the time. If I send them an email asking a question I can count on reviving a response within the hour. My teachers are amazing and they want to see me succeed.
The health and safety policies at our school are very well and safe for us students
This is an overall great school and what makes it so great is that everyone gets along for the most part. That makes out school unique and different from the rest is that we are all close and stay close even when graduated. We have great students with high achievements and great organizations and clubs.
The food service is nice with providing healthy foods such as salads and fat free snacks.
The administration is strict but they have to be. Discipline is taken seriously and if you disobey you will be punished. The dress code is a big rule always broke, as well as bullying.
The student Involvement is poor at our school. There are not many students at the games cheering and the team Preformance is well. The facilities at out school are well kept for the most part.
The staff at Fairlawn offer a lot of help inside and outside of the classroom. They keep their email open to our questions and concerns.
At Fairlawn there are multiple opportunities to join different clubs such as FFA, FCCLA, Acedimia, and many more. Each club is very committed and I know so because I am or have been involved in majority of them throughout my high school years. The organizations attract many students because they have fun activities that go with them. Some have spirit weeks for their club and others have activities for the students throughout the school to be involve in as well.
Have a lot of visiting schools and pamphlets
Very helpful by sending us emails we need.
Many will email you to let you know if we need help we can come in after school, during a conference, or during study halls.
Enough clubs need more involvement
Physical fights do not occur virtual bullying does. People party on the weekends
Very strict dress code policy and favoritism
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Personally the food seems to be average. At the beginning of the school year there is somewhat of a variety but by the end there are very little options.
There are very few options for student to be involved in extracurricular activities.
Overall we have a very strong academic program. We use our new iPad program as much as we can.
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