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The only thing I still like about Fairland High School is the small size. Less students helps provide a personal, real education. If I were to improve one thing, it would be the upper administration.
Fairland is a fantastic school focused on preparing students for college and the future. While it has some issues taking the students wants and needs into account when making decisions, and multiple textbooks being outdated, it still manages to exceed expectations and keep a positive, educational atmosphere. The athletic administration shows some favoritism to sports like basketball and football while leaving sports like baseball and golf forgotten in the corner. Some issues with saving money over providing a better environment cause small concerns, yet the school as a whole remains orderly and still focused on learning. It is definitely a fine school that anyone would be luxky to attend.
I loved the teachers! I had a very good relationship with most of them and they were always eager to help in anyway they could, school or otherwise. It was always well kept. I never ate the school lunches so I can't speak for those. I wish there could have been more AP courses offered, but they're working to help that situation as best they can, considering it's a small school. Overall, Fairland was a great school to attend.
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I liked how much the teachers strive to help every student and lead them on the path to success. But, I think some of the discipline needs addressed immediately.
Fairland High School has driven me to work hard and prepare myself for my future. Through staff that cares for their students and want to see them succeed, and academics that push students to learn to the best of their ability, I thoroughly appreciate my time at Fairland. There is little that I see to change. If anything were to be changed though, I would simply recommend diversity being more readily accentuated throughout the student body.
the parents are involved in almost everything the students do
the teachers help the students when they can and try to interact with the students
Extracurricular activities are mainly sports related and after-school activities are thus so. Most of the arts, music and academic clubs meet during school hours.
For the most part the staff and teaching staff keep the kids engaged and thinking analytically.
Over all the safety and health policies of the school are adequate.
We have had our ups and downs at Fairland. There are a few teachers that should not be teaching, period. For the most part any inquiries, concerns and issues have been handled quickly and satisfactorily.
I always feel safe at school. It is a small town so it is easy to tell who belongs and does not belong in the building. Overall, it is a very safe place to be.
Extracurricular activities are okay, but I personally only participated in the Dance Team, which eventually dwindled down because they couldn't find a good teacher. I think there is major room for improvement with variety and coaching/instructing with extracurricular activities at Fairland.
Teachers at Fairland are incredible. They are more than willing to help with whatever is necessary! I have personally attended three different school systems and have never felt more educated by my teachers than at Fairland. They go above and beyond with their teaching strategies and I am constantly amazed by my improving test scores and grades. These teachers are definitely the best of the best!
I would be more excited about this school if there were equal opportunities for everyone. However, if your last name isn't in the system, you don't have a chance at accelerating to advanced positions in the school. It is very biased and has ridiculous rules that don't even make sense. The teaches are hard, but they're good and they care about you. I wouldn't change my high school years but I wish my school was not so biased.
I like it compare to my first high school but out of the three I have been to it is not my favorite
Most of the teachers are genuinely concerned and will return calls and emails in a timely manner addressing any issues a parent may have.
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Football bleachers and concession areas are in need of renovation. The other facilities are average.
Any time that I have had a question or needed a problem resolved, the administration has always addressed my issues and they have been resolved to my satisfaction
This school is known for it's academic excellence. My son has gotten a wonderful education here and I feel that he will be very prepared for college his freshman year. He has made many friends and been involved in several clubs. The band director makes sure that the students participate in many competitions. They have been given top ratings too.
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