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Fairland High School Reviews

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the experience at fairland has been great. I have made so many new memories and have enjoyed going to school there.
It's a very good school, and especially when you compare it to neighboring schools. I moved to this school my freshman year and I think that it's been a good experience. The classes are great, the teachers are involved, the curriculum is in-depth. Overall an amazing school.
Fairland gives you the small school experience some students strive for while also making the students feel like they've been heard. Due to its small class sizes, the teachers there really know who you are and can work with you in a manner that works for you. While it could improve inn certain areas such as policy enforcement and the lunch program, it's truly a wonderful school.
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Something that this school should be proud of is it's lack of bullying. Because it is such a small town everyone knows everyone and we have each others backs. Overall this school lacks resources and materials to keep up with larger schools and the students are still giving the same standardized tests, while not being prepared to the same degree.
Teachers at this school do not receive the funding they need in order to acquire the materials they feel would be useful within the classroom. Also due to lack of funding the school itself does not attract the best or most knowledgeable teachers, which affects the quality of information students are being taught.
They do everything in their power to keep the students safe and healthy.
We offer some extracurricular opportunities, but it would be nice to have more.
Fairland Public Schools has a great atmosphere where the staff is very supportive of the students. The students have great pride and spirit in extracurricular activities. It is overall a very fun and uplifting school.
The teachers at Fairland High School work very hard at their jobs. Many of them are available outside of school hours and do their best to make sure each kid passes. They also challenge the students to reach their full potential.
its good food most the people like it but we have the same things all the time
the teacher do a very good job at teaching and making sure everyone understands the subject
there is a strict no bullying policy and it is enforced if it ever needs to be
its good for a little school but not everything is great somethings could use improving and somethings could be newer
There was never really that much drama that went on. The staff and the teachers are all very good, and try to help you with everything you need. Everyone is very friendly. I had a very fun time and it was my favorite school. I made a lot of great friends and had some great times at this school and i would recommend it to anyone.
The food is hardly ever good. We are not offered any real meat. The juice is usually always expired.
The school is in need of some serious TLC. We are having troubles with mold amd termites at this time.
We just recently started locking all the doors and making everyone sigj in. This sadtey feature makes me feel more secure in school.
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We are allowed to workout outbbefore and after school in the gym.
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