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We moved here from one of the largest Highs schools in Alabama and we love it here. They offer a great variety of classes and the administrators and teachers are great.
With the exception of the lack of ethnic/cultural diversity at Fairhope High School, I've had a great four experience. The academic standards and advanced placement courses have allowed me to excel, placing me in a great position for college acceptance!
I loved the experience. The teachers were very helpful, and every club is open to use. When I played sports, the coach was mostly set on winning(which is what they should be) but also set on having fun on and off the field.
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Well rounded is how I would describe Fairhope High School. My teachers work hard preparing students for the next step, college. However, we have fun with all sorts of clubs and sports teams. The combination of hard work and also having fun has provided a great balance. The Fairhope High School environment has allowed me to develop academically and also make forever bonds with great friends.
Everyone always says how high school will suck and it will be scary. These are the last things I think when I think of Fairhope High School, the school is full of helpful teachers and peers. Our school does not tolerate bullying, threats, and anything mean we are a very helpful community and I think that it raises us all and builds us together.
As i moved to this school from another, this environment changed my life. The academic and community involvement is astounding; this creates an atmosphere that ignites the students to want to be involved in sporting events, and even their work!
It is a fairly kind community, and not too stressful. Overall, the staff seems to care genuinely about the students and vice versa.
I absolutely love my school!! The city of Fairhope has grown an insane amount in the past years, and so have the schools. Even though the halls are very crowded, I feel safe and at home.
Fairhope High School gave me the ability to reach my full learning capacity. They offer multiple levels of academics, and help coach you to reach the needed level. Never in my years being here have I felt alone, or unequal to other students. I will always regard Fairhope High School as a happy safe environment.
I really enjoy FHS! Although it doesn't share much diversity, it IS still high school! There are going to be cliches, and things like that everywhere. We do have very good school spirit though!
I liked Fairhope because of the way that I learned. I did the work online through the school. I would recommend this school and program to any student.
The school administration is very compassionate about the typical, modern-day, teenage students that attend at Fairhope High School. The principal has provided new opportunities and privileges pertaining to everyone at the school.
Fairhope high school is honestly an average high school. Sure the academics and teachers are great but the school in general is cliquey. Overall 7/10 would recommend to a friend.
Attending Fairhope High School has been an overall great experience for me. They offer a variety of classes in terms of difficulty that allow students to pick what best suits them. There are also several electives to choose from that allow students to pursue their interests outside of traditional academics. The faculty at Fairhope also contributed to my positive experience. The teachers are very hands-on and do their best to make sure their students succeed. Most offer hours before or after school for tutoring or homework help. The counselors make sure students are up to date with any kind of opportunity regarding volunteering, scholarships, clubs, etc. They are very thorough at their job and are dedicated to helping students thrive after high school. Fairhope is also a very fun school to attend because of the athletic hype. Pep rallys and game are always exciting and connect students together.
Great teachers and principal! My daughter loves the school! They have math tutors in the morning and afternoon for free. Math homework becomes fun because my daughter understands the material. Love the many clubs they have!! And they have the most amazing piano lab with an amazing teacher Mrs. Ham.
I’m in the IB program, so while I cannot say much for the social scene (I don’t see that many people because of separated classes), I can say that most teachers are fair and easy to communicate with. The pep rallies are fun, the lunch is great as far as school lunches go, and there are many opportunities for college credit, like AP, IB, and duel enrollment. There are lots of clubs and sports at Fairhope, and they are great to make friends. There is even a great black box for the theater program. It’s a great school with many unique opportunities.
I like that my school has a lot of clubs and activities, so everyone can find something for themselves. But what's really great about it, is the different mixture of school classes we can take. They're always adding new ones and that just opens up more possibilities. Especially, if you're thinking of getting something as a major or minor. With the school's large variety there's a chance you can find it, or something close to it, and see if it's something you actually want to pursue in the future. This is how I decided that I'm going to get a minor in Computer Programming.
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My school prepares us for life in a safe and passionate environment. The teachers and faculty want us to win and they do everything they can to shape us into what we all desire to be. They push us to persevere through any challenge we find ourselves in whether it be academics or mental health issues.
The best teaches and administration! Always willing to help! The facility is clean and the location in accessible!
I'd like to see fairhope give more sports a chance to go to state like buying the sports that can't afford their own stuff instead of supporting solely football and basketball just because they're male sports.
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