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At Fairhaven High, the atmosphere is very warm and everyone is very friendly. The school is small and allows for teachers to help more students one on one. The school has some of the best academics in the area.
The teachers and staff really strive to put your education and safety above everything else. The teachers and faculty members try to make your years at the school not very stressful. The teachers are always there for you when you need them.
The environment at Fairhaven High School is very welcoming and friendly. There are various amounts of opportunities to participate in clubs/ activities and sports. Many of the teachers and administration are kind and helpful when you need assistance. FHS is a great place to be. Guidance and safety is key here and as a student, I feel safe in the environment.
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Fairhaven High has a lot of character, history and healthy learning space to offer its students and faculty. Most all of the teachers are passionate about their subject field, and are excited to share what they know with the students. A lot of the teachers have a positive attitude and are there for the students when they need a little help. School related or not. Some of the rules set by administration and the higher ups could stand to change. Some of them don't seem to have a purpose or actual reason why they should be enforced. I think school lunches could also use some work. Some days the students are offered a nice meal. On other days you can find a mix of leftovers slopped on top of a crust and it's called pizza. Overall I think Fairhaven High has a lot to offer its students and it offers a creative, healthy learning environment if the students are willing to work for their education.
This school offers amazing opportunities for students to pursue their dreams. There are an abundant of activities to get involved in. There's something for everyone; From the thespian to the quarterback. There's a club for anyone; from the math team, to the book club, to the art club, to the jazz band.
Known as the most beautiful school in the state , the Castle on the Hill,has provided me with an excellent education in a positive and encouraging environment. Surrounded in excellence,whether it was academic athletic or artistic I was allowed to flourish at my own pace and exceed even my own expectations
FHS set me up for a career but also encouraged me to apply to a variety of colleges and helped me to chose the right school for me. The support I had in highschool carried over into my college education.
Fairhaven High School's motto "Proud Tradition. Proud Future." is one that is lived by day in and day out. Being surrounded by beautiful history encourages students to involve themselves in the school community and reach their full potentials. The mesmerizing architecture of the building truly reflects the amazing minds of the students and teachers within. Being a student at Fairhaven High has been a privilege I will be grateful for the rest of my life.
At this high school, I have formed many new friendships and starting my freshman year, I just got involved with everything. I am in the drama club, marching/concert band, and in the media team as of right now for school activities. I did winter track, and I participated in the orchestra. I have made a grand amount of new memories that I share, and a massive amount of new friends that I have shared those memories with.
Fairhaven is such a historical town, from the Fort to the high school even Henry Huttleston Rogers. People outside always tell me I go to the castle school, indeed it is beautiful on the inside and the outside. I have had such great times at FHS. The faculty, the student body, and the spirit over the course of four years made it such a tremendous experience. I would not trade it for the world.
I absolutely love this school. It is a small school which allows all of the students and faculty to get to know each other. The school is full of passionate students that take their education seriously for the most part. Everyone is so spirited and friendly to each other. All of the students also try. The school is a division-1 school which should also say plenty.
The school is well known for the awards and accomplishments of the clubs and sports. Most of the kids who begin clubs or sports never quit they are committed.
The school is not like most other schools where there is cliques and segregated groups, many kids join many different clubs and sports. The school is unique because of how much pride we have for our school, and the respect we show to others in different communities.
The teachers in our school are very knowledgeable and have teaching styles that make class more enjoyable and fast paced. Most of the assignments are helpful to remembering the material. The faculty truly care about the well being of students.
Wouldnt trade it for anything in the world
teachers are always available to help and benefit students
I attend a small high school in a neighboring town. All the students know each other and there is very little disruption because of behavior. The students respect our school and are there to learn and equally to have fun. I will miss the friendliness of this school when I graduate. The teachers have all been very helpful and friendly.
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The classes available are widely ranged. Although students are often pushed down similar paths to each other.
I feel very safe at school. Although it is likely a result of the good students rather than the faculty's decisions. Easygoing and understanding teachers definitely helps.
The clubs are great, although meeting times are often hard to find out. Administrative support is usually great. Except when me and my friends tried to make our rocketry team part of the school. In that case they were not accommodating and so we found a different organization to sponsor us.
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