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I have attended Fairfield Woods Middle School during 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I have had quite an experience at FWMS over the years. My 6th grade year was a poor experience, but my 7th and 8th grade years have made up for that. In 8th grade, I have made my experience even better and it was my favorite school year ever since 2nd grade. If you're a family living in Fairfield, I strongly recommend having your kids attend FWMS as it is a great school. There are a lot of clubs and sports teams for people to do, amazing teachers that I've had great experiences with, and last, but not least FWMS is a community that I've learned to appreciate. My 6th grade year wasn't great (mentioned above), but there were still great things to it. I met my best friend (who is still my best friend today), and I've helped out this kid with special needs tremendously. Sadly, I've moved south so I am no longer a part of the Fairfield School District.
Students are very enthusiastic to get involved in what's offered and are also encouraged to create their own clubs and organizations.
School staff and faculty are alert to all individuals who are on or in school premises.
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The students, teachers and staff are very welcoming. There is no tolerance for disrespect.
There is some variety that students can choose from, but when I went to middle school, there wasn't a large amount of healthy food options.
While in middle school, I never actively participated in sports, since I have always had problems with my kneecap. I know that fan support isn't very prevalent, but there are a lot of students that participate in sports throughout the school. One of the most popular sports, I believe, was track.
While I didn't particularly enjoy the academics, I was more than happy with the music program. The orchestra teacher at the middle school was my favorite teacher that I ever had, even through high school. She opened me up to new ideas, and kept me engaged with the violin, which is now one of my favorite hobbies.
Regarding bullying, there is a policy stating that bullying will not be tolerated, but bullying is still very prominent. I often got the feeling that a lot of the staff didn't care enough about their students, even though some struggled. When I went to middle school, there was no police on campus, and safety measures were very relaxed, which often made me feel uncomfortable. Health programs and resources are required for all students, but sometimes I felt that subject matter was not appropriate for students.
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