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Fairfield Warde High School Reviews

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Overall Warde has great academics all around and a plentiful selection of electives. One thing that the school could do better is the foreign language department.
I really enjoyed my time at Fairfield Warde High School and hope that all the Freshman that come in love their school.
My children have received an excellent education. I would prefer to see less testing. The focus each year seems to be on test scores and not always the process of learning. Often times the children were required to study for tests, complete projects and engage in homework all at the same classes at the same time. I also felt that teachers of the same team should be coordinating assignments with each other for the children to not get overloaded with work.
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Fairfield Warde High School is a diverse school that has a lot of spirit and energy. Fairfield Warde not only helps prepare students to graduate but they also provide programs to help students prepare college applications and search scholarships that brightly match students by their background. I miss Fairfield Warde because of their support, community, and excellent learning experiences.
Fairfield Warde has a very diverse population, making it feel like a safe place to embrace your identity. I think the best part of my high school experience was learning to embrace my ethnicity.
This high school is great! Teachers are great and the environment is amazing compared to the other towns high school. There is a good amount of diversity for being in Fairfield, yet there still needs to be more oppurtunities for those of minorities. All in all the school is great at offering options for their future and extra curriculars.
Warde created a good atmosphere for students with faculty and student involved activities. They followed an acronym that students can look to to be a mustang, which was Welcoming, Academic, Respectful, Dynamic, and Ethical. These were characteristics which most students represented for the school which I thought was a good way to build school spirit and be more involved into your academics.
Fairfield Warde High School is a school filled with teacher who genuinely cae for it's students. The acronym warde stands for Welcoming, Academic, Respectful, Dynamic, and Ethical. The students and staff live up to this
My high school offered me a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. I was able to take advantage of advanced placement courses that helped enhance my learning of those subjects but also helped in creating effective studying strategies and developing critical thinking that will be applicable after high school. I participated in the music program playing an instrument for four years, in addition to also participating in sports teams. The school offered a variety of clubs and extracurriculars to fit various students' interests, cultures, or help us participate in the community outside of our high school.
Mostly great teachers, welcoming environment, sometimes a poor budget, but this comes with having 2 highschools in fairfield. As a senior if I could choose between Warde and Luddlowe to restart my highschool career, I would go with Warde. Definitly no need to pay for a private school education when the public schools are nationally ranked.
Teachers are easy going will help you with anything you need the administration is always on top the facilities is amazing they are always adding new stuff
Warde is a very welcoming environment that is excepting of everyone and what they believe in. The school strives for their students's academic success and proves many resources to help students through their four years in the school.
I have been with Fairfield Warde for almost 4 years. It has a safe environment and both the teachers and administrators are very professional and they do care about the students. If I need extra helps with any of my classes, I can always count on the teachers. If I need guidance with college application, I can count on my guidance counselor.
I enjoyed my four years at Fairfield Warde High School because I think it provides excellent education with amazing teachers and has lots of diversity. There was no feeling of being an outcast at this school because of the wide range of student backgrounds and personalities which made the high school experience very comfortable. The things that I would like to see change are already in progress for next year. Warde has recently updated the classes a student can take in high school to further ready themselves for college such as a medical calculations class. Overall, Fairfield Warde is an outstanding high school and I would love to have my own children become educated there as well.
Fantastic school. ALmost all teachers are great and really care about their students. Diversity is great, sports are great, lots of options for classes
I love it. I would not want to go to any other school. It has afforded me the opportunity to grow and develop my character beyond my expectations.
I love the inclusive environment that the school offers, and the determination of the teachers to see all students achieve.
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All different kinds of people go to Warde. I came from NY during sophomore year and it was difficult to find people who were willing to be friends with someone new.
I think Warde had a very good academic program, but needs to approve on social causes. During my time there, we had many LGBTQ students, but the teachers weren't as educated as they should have been.
In my experience at Warde, there is a great deal of school spirit. Teachers and students alike love the school. In the halls, you can see a lot of Warde apparel and most students try to make as many sports games as they can. Even the teachers attend some games. The administration has done a good job of embedding school spirit into the daily lives of students, especially through the WARDE acronym.
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