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Fairfield Union High School Reviews

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At Fairfield Union, there's always a place for you! Friendly peers and helpful teachers and staff make sure you feel right at home. Disciplinary action is taken when necessary, but is not overused. The teachers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am so thankful I was able to attend Fairfield Union High School where they gave me every chance to succeed!
Amazing teachers and faculty that obviously cared made for an excellent school experience, and I am very grateful to have received an education from a school that very clearly cares about its students. However, there is a glaring issue that I feel should be resolved: lack of academic clubs/extracurriculars. With no Model UN, Debate Team, Science Olympiad, or even a school newspaper, I feel as though FUHS students are put at a disadvantage when it comes to applying to colleges. The school’s refusal to add any new organization takes away an opportunity to encourage abilities such as critical thinking and writing which will prove useful in endeavors outside of high school.
There are not as many students that attend the school as opposed to others which allows you to know everyone. That being said there are a lot of other schools that offer more in education, sports, and clubs.
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The High School will hold most of my memories and accomplishments. It’s also where I met the love of my life and I want my future to be apart of the culture it brings too.
I enjoyed the small-town feel at Fairfield Union. I had close relationships with all the other students and staff members.
Fairfield Union high school has amazing staff. Advanced Placement and honors classes are offered. The faculty does all they can to help students to succeed.
Many of the teachers go beyond their job descriptions; teachers care about educating you and more. They take into account your learning preferences and your personal abilities. Teachers strive to accommodate you in order to enhance your learning experience.
I did not go here very long it had a lot of class choices but students weren’t very opening to new students
Fairfield Union High School has a lot of pros and cons. It is completely surrounded by corn fields and cow pastures. It is a very tight knit school and it is great to be a part of falcon country. Alothough all of this is true, Fairfield Union is not the best when it comes to sports. We aren’t successful in many sports and a lot of students have quit and/ or stopped playing for this reason. Getting better coaches I think will help up the system and improve the success within Fairfield Union.
The school is very clean and the teachers are very nice but the way that the faculty handles certain matters are not well planned.
Overall, I love Fairfield Union. It's not a large school, but the only problem that brings is less access to resources and money. We do fine with what we have, though. AP courses are available, and there are plenty of sports and clubs. If we had more resources we could have a lot more. The school is in a pretty rural area, so diversity is fairly low, but racist behavior is rare. Teachers are there to help you, and most do an excellent job, although some of their teaching styles aren't the best for everyone. Common school problems such as bullying and drugs occur, but are far from prevalent. Everything is kept clean and our school building is fairly new. Unfortunately, we do suffer from low quality cafeteria food like many other schools. School spirit depends on who you talk to, but it's good overall. All in all, it's a very good school, and I'm very glad I go here.
Fairfield Union is my home and all of my fellow falcons are my family. With it being a smaller school, I knew everyone in my classes and I loved that. The teachers are friendly and always willing to help when I need it. I loved playing sports at FU, but I'm still waiting for a turf field to be put in!!
Fairfield Union High School is located in a quaint town, the school is a small public school which has a great small-town vibe to it. However, the diversity of the school is basically non-existent, which is to be expected in such a rural area. Most of the staff are extremely helpful and wish to see the best for their students. College readiness is not up to par, 50% of students who go to FUHS drop out of college within their first year. This is trying to be fixed by the administration and new courses are now being offered, and more help is being provided to hopefully reduce the drop-out percentage.
Fairfield Union High School would benefit greatly from a little more guidance and connection to the "real world" and what it means to exist there today, in modern life. Much of my education was based in the past and upon graduation, I quickly realized how LITTLE I actually knew. More specifically, I would like to see a better focus on taxes, what they are, and how to actually do them. I would also like to see more initiation around customer service development and interview skills, as a large majority of the graduating force will be going into the workforce immediately after high school. I feel this would better prepare students to take on the challenges of the real world while simultaneously preparing them to further their education beyond that of a high school diploma/GED.
I attended for the last two years of my High school career. I enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to anyone looking for a close knit school with decent education.
Very interested in the students and their lives.
Fairfield Union High School overall is a great school. They are engaged with the students, and as for upkeep of their facilities, they do a great job.
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There are over ten kids alone in my grade with straight A's. Super smart kids.
There is maybe two or three ethnic kids, we're all white.
There is a large number of different groups to join
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