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Fairfield Ludlowe High School Reviews

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Ludlowe is an incredibly rewarding place for students who are possessed with a drive for academic excellence, though tends to fall short at ensuring the extracurricular involvement of its' students.
School is very academic but many unmotivated and miserable teachers. Also they need more college readiness starting junior year and also no resources for therapy or help with problems as the counselors tattle and Tim the drug counselor is always busy.
The teachers at FLHS are well trained and care about the students. Almost everyone goes to a good college, and it all goes back to the educational system provided by the school.
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Fairfield Ludlowe High school has a lot of qualities that I think a lot of students take for granted. The majority of the teachers are passionate and very qualified for their jobs, we have resources available to the music and art department (like 3D printers!) that we're extrememly lucky to have, and we have a principal that is amazing and does his best to ensure the school is really serving the students in the best possible way.
My overall experience at Ludlowe was amazing. Its a great school with great teachers and I made a lot of friends. The school itself is very up to date and extremely clean. The only thing I wish they would change is the parking situation. We have to pay to park and sometimes even the seniors don't have a spot because the spaces are so limited. When we park in the surrounding area the neighbors complain and we get parking tickets from the police. Other than that one issues the school itself is amazing!!!
Great programs for sports and other activities. This high school has so many great opportunities to offer.
I have had a memorable experience at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. I have developed great relationships with teachers who have taught me so much about academic subjects and life skills.
My High School years have been excellent. we have a wonderful staff and welcoming environment. Respect is shown in this school.
I have loved all four years I have been at Fairfield ludlowe High School. During my time here I was involved in many sports teams, clubs, and other after school activities. The staff here is awesome from teachers to counselors and even the janitorial staff; they are all amazing.
The school system at Ludlowe is phenomenal. They have great teachers and incredible athletics. Past students have stated that Ludlowe has made them extremely prepared for college.
In general, the teachers are incredibly supportive and passionate about what they're teaching. Honors and AP classes are challenging but there are classes for all levels. Pretty good community feel. Students definitely don't have the most full world view though; located in quite a privileged community.
I had the best four years at Ludlowe. I worked hard and turned my grades around. I have also been on the football team as well as track and field for 4 years as well as involved in club activities
I really enjoyed my time at Ludlowe. I made friendships with many different people, but there were also many cliques since it was high school. They were also very strict on the administrative side about random rules.
I had the best experience at Ludlowe. From the academics, structure, and social events they offer a lot of oppoturinity and support for students.
Ludlowe for me was great. Everything about the school is pretty good, one thing that’s awesome that I loved about it was that all the kids aren’t that diffent from each other and fitting in was no problem, I did have some few teachers who’s expectations were a bit too high but I mean I can’t complain to much. The friends I have make the school 100% better and the community is dope, we’re all close and we try to help out kids we see that don’t allways feel like they fit in. Also Playing lacrosse and soccer for ludlowe was the best thing I could have done because we kick ass most the time but also because I feel like we’re a family.
FLHS has offered resources that I have taken advantage of in order to prepare myself for college. Some teachers may be better than others, but the ones that truly care make the bad ones worth it. I would also give the school a 0/10 in diversity. The school needs to try to educate its students so that they are comfortable with people who are different than them.
Overall, my experience with Fairfield Ludlow High School was really good in the academic aspect. We had really good resources, facilities, and programs. Outside of the academics, the diversity lacked; and the out reach program to those who were diverse was poor. However, I didn't mind this much because my main focus was obtaining great education.
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Fairfield Ludlowe High School is a wonderful school, I love it. I am entering my senior year and it has been quite a rollercoaster. Most teachers are awesome and everyone is always willing to help you get by.
Fairfield Ludlowe High School was a school that definitely prepared me for college, but at a price. There was zero diversity, they didn't encourage conversation, and shut down any attempt to change the status quo. The administration acts like it is trying to help, but shuts down any internal investigations and pushes their problems aside. Overall, my experience with the teachers there was great, minus a few bad apples, but that is to be expected. The people that go to FLHS are driven, but often entitled.
Great school that is very inclusive and has a vast selection of courses to satisfy anyone's interests. The school is strong in the core requirements as well.
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