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Fairfield Local High School Reviews

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The staff is amazing! They are fun and get the job done! The teachers are very well at working with students. I am Proud to be a lion. The softball program is amazing .
I had to rely on the internet for information because the textbooks were outdated. Since few teachers cared, the majority of the time I taught myself. There were very little clubs/activities that the school offered because all that they ever cared about was sports (boys' basketball in specifics). Also, none of the food ever looked fresh. It was all very bland tasting and had a tint of gray to everything (even vegetables lacked bright coloring). I learned to pack a lunch. There were very few buses, meaning that students were occasionally crammed three-to-a-seat. As for restrooms, girls were scolded and banned a couple years ago from doing makeup/hair because it was "a place to do your business" and nothing else. More recently, there was one week where the restrooms remained locked at lunch to prevent students from "hanging out". Of course, my favorite was when the soap dispensers were absent from the girls' bathroom for a week or two, leaving no soap (or hand sanitizer) to wash hands.
This school supplies a wonderful education.
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3/4 of students are athletes as well
our school is beautiful and very well maintenanced
Very few problems with policies
The teachers are knowledgeable and are sometimes engaged. Some teachers are not as knowledgeable as they could be and do not have good control of their classes.
There isn't a big diversity of students or cultures. Most students come from somewhat of the same backgrounds. There is big economical diversity, but that is most of the diversity that is at this school.
The food services are average. There aren't many options for healthy foods, there are no snacks, and there isn't a big variety of foods.
The school dress code is very restricted and while the students do not have to wear uniforms they can only wear a few choice of clothing due to the restrictions.
Coming out of high school and going into college made me realize that high school does not teach you to be prepared for the real world and that it is completely different. College is a whole new experience than high school and is completely different, high school does not prepare enough for it.
Everything was great about the sports, but too much of the funding and priority went to the boy's basketball program instead of allowing more of it to got to the other sports in the program.
This school was a small school with very little students, but it felt like a family. Everyone knew everyone and the school was a big part of the town community.
There are a variety of sports for the students to play being soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, softball, and baseball. But most of the priority and funding goes to the boys basketball program and more needs to be given to the other sports.
everyone is preety much the same just a few diffrent groups
the sports are great and everyone is close and the school gets behind its activities
The food is terrible tasting and terrible for you.
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Cares too much about playing small town politics.
I had to correct my English teacher's grammar.
The academic offered at this school are well known throughout the school year. The teachers always help the student one on one when they need help with any assignments. The scheduling of the classes can always be arranged how the students want. The homework is average for all the classes no one certain class will have too much homework. The popular class
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