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Fairfield Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like that its a smaller graduation class size. It has allowed me to get one on one time with our teachers. The small school size did not hold me back from taking classes that I would like. We have allot of college prep and college accredited courses to offer to us.
Overall, Fairfield is a good place to learn. Its academics are fairly strong, and prepares you quite steadily for college. While one or two of the sports teams aren't great, and the food is as average as it gets, the culture and teachers really help to create a helpful environment.
When I attended Fairfield (graduated in 2015), there wasn't a lot of career and college preparing and the academics were fairly good. The music and art departments were where I believe Fairfield exceeded.
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I appreciate how the teachers care about their students' emotional health. Many students felt comfortable going to their teachers to discuss something that was bothering them at home, or with other students. Fairfield is also trying to focus on addressing the traumatic events in students' lives, so that they have the chance to live life to the fullest.
While the school didn't offer the selection of courses that I would prefer and is more agriculture-oriented, I enjoyed the science classes that I took here, too. I was especially fond of the Anatomy and Physiology class that I took my senior year, as it increased my interest in the the workings of the human body.
Fairfield Junior/Senior High School is just alright. Over the past 5 years, they've lost and replaced over half of the Math Department and much of the English Department, which is a reflection of a lack of confidence in the administration. The school lunches are not great, but they have started to add fresh vegetable choices rather than canned ones. The teachers are the only really great thing about the school; for the most part the teachers have real passion for what they do and they really care about their students. The arts programs could use more funding, especially considering how successful it is. "Lesser" sports such as cheer could also use some more funding for better equipment. For example, when I cheered last year the mats were in awful condition and could have been considered a safety hazard. However, they have begun renovating the school, giving it a lot of cool new additions. The additions add a sense of pride to the school and a better learning environment.
Fairfield is a very good school full of very good kids. I have met so many great people throughout the course of my seven years of going here. Fairfield is a small 3A school so if you like small schools with great kids and great faculty, then Fairfield is for you!
I like the one on one help everyone is able to get from teachers due to the smaller sized classes. The only thing I might change is the junior high and the senior high being combined.
Overall, I had a good experience at Fairfield. The athletes get special treatment compared to others and that often has an affect on their discipline. The art and music departments are amazing, though, as well as the agriculture department. Most teachers seem to really care about the students and take the time to help them succeed.
You are truly blessed if you are able to attend Fairfield Junior/Senior High School. Some may disagree, but in reality, the students here are like no other. The students are more determined and work harder than the average student at any other school. We set high standards for ourselves and reach them in the end. Our teachers are dedicated men and women who strive to prepare us for the world outside of high school. Not only do the students feel cared for, they feel listened to as our administration is always open to new ideas. They not only want to improve Fairfield High School each and every year, but they want us to take pride in our school and share the pride to our community. The students are rewarded with a community who comes together in the darkest times and shines bright when the times are good. Fairfield may be a small school, but going to school each day knowing your teachers care and wants the best for you is so rare and I pray every student notices that.
I love the one on one you can get with the small size at Fairfield, but at the sometimes I wonder if I am really being prepared for college when it comes to some of my classes. Some teachers just teach to tests to make themselves look better on teacher evaluations.
Fairfield was a good school with great teachers and I found amazing friends here. However, the class selection lacked variety and there weren't any classes that really got me excited to learn. The school could benefit from adding more AP classes and a little more overall variety in what they offer. Outside of classes extra curricular activities were also very basic and didn't have much beyond choirs, Key Club, and football.
What I really liked about Fairfield Jr./Sr. High school were the Friday night football games as well as their Ag and Music department. Fairfield's Ag and Music department don't get as much credit as they should. Our sports teams like Volleyball, girls tennis, and guys tennis teams are pretty good. One thing I'd change or liked to see improved are the teaching staff. We have a lot of teachers quitting and moving and that affects the students.
Decent sized school to attended. I've had food and bad experiences but that goes for every school.
I have loved getting to know new friends and teachers. I also have loved how safe our school environment is. There isn't a lot of bullying, so that's a positive to Fairfield. Our teachers teach really well and all after school activity involvement are great! Many of us students, have excelled in a lot of what we do because our teachers are always willing to help. There are some really hard-working parents that are involved with helping and there are some who don't help at all. There are some lessons taught that shouldn't be taught in our school. I haven't liked the lessons where teachers have talked about politics too much. And though I said there isn't bullying, there is gossip from dramatic people. I also would love if seniors had better privileges to do things, because it's a nice reward from all the years of hard work.
This school actually made me excited to go back the next day. The food is not bad and the teachers always go above and beyond to help you with your work. I feel safe at this school. The only problem is the issue with fighting and bullying. Otherwise, this is a great school!
My experience at Fairfield Junior/Senior High school has definitely been and overall good one. It is a smaller school, so teachers are better able to pay attention to their students as individuals. They stick to their rules and regulations, which has helped students keep their grades up, stay in order, and not get expelled or in trouble, I respect that. I would not change a thing.
There are not many extracurricular opportunities at this school, however, I think that those that are offered are popular with the students and help out the community as a whole.
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The first few years of high school were very enjoyable, and I actually looked forward to school. However, my senior year, which is supposed to be one of the best years of high school was without a doubt the worst and least enjoyable. It seemed as though teachers were more stressed than previous years and multiple teachers decided to leave. While I am sure some of this had to do with the laws that are put in place for all teachers in Indiana I do not believe it was the only factor. It saddened me to see the teachers who were so passionate about teaching leave the school.
Overall, I would say that the staff is eager to teach and are willing to help out students who are struggling. However, over the past few years many teachers who always went above and beyond to help the students left the school system which I think will have a negative effect in the long run.
If it's not a sport, it's not important. The arts department has may opportunities but they have never had support from the administration.
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