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Fairfield is a small town school great for people who want their kids to experience a safe, public school environment. The academics are A1, and the athletic program is just as great. The one thing that could change in Fairfield is the strictness on so many aspects of the school. Such as, dress code, student life and more.
The school does not seem very organized with communicating important events or dates and some teachers are excellent at explaining, while others expect you to know it. However sports and academic teams perform very well.
Fairfield High School is your typical small town high school with its fair share of drama, but an overall family atmosphere. Many types of students have opportunities to join clubs, athletic, and band programs to become involved in campus life. Friends are easily made, as can be attested by the foreign exchange students that have come and enjoyed their time at Fairfield High School.
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My experience with Fairfield High School is pretty good. The School have very strict rules of education, dress code, & etc. The school has very good teachers that are willing to help students if the student wanting help.
I appreciate the way that Fairfield High congrats their students on a job wells done, whether if it is in band, sports, academics etc.
Fair field High-school a school that care about education more than anything else. My experience with the school is amazing. The teachers care about your successes and overall progress in academic. Also the athletics program main goal is to build character in us young adults. I have no problems with the school what so ever, and it has made me conscious of the future and what i want to do with my life.
Fairfield school is the only school I know, it has a small town feel and provides a good education. Our school is diverse and they comply to everyone's needs, providing more challenging programs for kids like me and providing more help for others who need it. Our high school is the typical high school, the jocks, the band nerds, the scholars, and the people that feel like they don't fit in anywhere. In all honestly most of the people in our school fit into all of those categories and excel because of it. Fairfield high school is a place to go, to learn, and to experience small town love, there is nothing to change.
I like how it gives you opportunities to get ready for college and sign up for scholarships. I think it should give more information about colleges your interested in.
My experience at my high school was the best anyone could have. I enjoyed going to all the sporting events and cheering on our football team. Our school is unique because we are like one big family we stick together as one. After I graduate I would definitely go back back to this school because so far I am having a great experience learning new things.
The teachers are wonderful they do their job great and they show love to each student. Everyone is cared for in our school. All the teachers work their hardest to make us successful in life.
This school is amazing. I've enjoyed all the years I've been in school and lived in Fairfield the staff is incredible.
The athletic directors are great.
The teachers are amazing they go above and beyond.
I've enjoyed all of the groups I've participated in.
Fairfield High School provides many extracurricular opportunities. There are a variety of sports and clubs students can choose from, as well as band and U.I.L. Teachers encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and are supportive in what activities they sponsor.
I love my school, but I'm still very worried about faring in "the real world." But I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way so. I am also a little worried about transitioning to college curriculum.
my school has a rigorous work load for students. I wish there more electives to chose from.
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Many teachers do not have the momentum they used to have. Some of this has to do with Salary and everything revolving around standardized testing.
there are several activities...but you the course load is rigurous so it is hard to be involved in everything
We have had our fair share of bullying but after some major situations it has improved.
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