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Teachers can't teach,except for a few. The parents are terrible and rude as they possibly can be. Also the people in the school are animals and don't care about acting like normal humans.
Fairfield High School is a pretty good high school. The teachers there care a lot about their students' education and learning. They also put a lot of work into their extracurriculars and events to make sure their students have the best high school experience. A lot of the students are involved in many school functions, sports, and clubs. Fairfield High School is one of the best public schools in Ohio. They try to make it a good learning environment and experience for all of their students.
I loved that I was put in a diverse environment, unsheltered, exposed to how the real world is! Not only was there diversity of the student body, but also diversity of opportunity and activities; So many different niches of the school that students could place themselves within.
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Something I would like see change, is the safety in the building. For example, they will leave the front doors unlock for no apparent reason. Something else, is in their academics. This school isn't that competitive in the courses. If you are smart, or in advanced classes, you're not challenged against others. It if you do it, you just do it, and grow by yourself. Also something else, they need to learn to handle
One of my favorite things about Fairfield High School is the unlimited class options you have. We have so many different and fun electives that make the school day entertaining.
Fairfield high school offers many opportunities for their students academically, physically, and culturally. There are many clubs to join and the school is more diverse than other high schools in my opinion. Fairfield is a vey competitive school and strives to do their best whether it’s football or show choir.
My overall experience at Fairfield High school. I adjusted to Fairfield very easily when I transferred to Fairfield my sophomore year.
I was a part of the the show choir program, so we were very successful. Most kids in the school didn't like us until my junior year. Our director left before sophomore year and was replaced by a elementary teacher, as they were only hiring inside the district. She left at the end of that year and was replaced by a new and experienced director from outside the district who wanted the job the year before. He is the best thing I believe to have happened to our program, expanding it and making it even better than before
Fairfield High School creates devoted alum and college ready students. The teachers that are dedicated to over preparing students are what makes Fairfield a respectable high school.
When I was in school there I would have liked to see more classes about life in college and outside of college. How to do basic life skills because when I got to college I felt unprepared.
Most of the teachers I had were very good and built relationships with their students as well as teach the material. After going through Fairfield I felt very prepared for my first year of college. I would like to see the staff trust their students a bit more, it felt very strict at times for students who were expected to be going to college in 3 months.
I like Fairfield very much it’s very open and diverse and a great school to go to. The academics and college readiness could be better for the students
Fairfield High School is a decently large school with a diverse group of people. Dozens of classes available in AP, foreign language, technology, theater, history, english and art for anyone. Fairfield High School also has many clubs and activities available. Overall, there's something for everyone, whether it be in the classroom, outside of class, or with the groups of people you're with. While there are some required classes with sub-par teachers, most teachers are passionate about the subject they teach. The school spirit for sports, music, and other activities is also very extensive (at least compared to others I've been to).
I have been a student at Fairfield since the first grade, I'm now mere months away from completing my senior year and it's amazing to think of all the moments I've had here. I think Fairfield is a great district with some really great teachers, good students, nice schools and facilities, as well as notable athletic programs. There are very few, if any things I'd change about Fairfield. I couldn't ask for anything more from a high school, I think anyone can fit right in at Fairfield.
Fairfield High School is a good school. However, after graduating from there I would not send my kid there. I feel as though the school focuses too much on advanced students and not enough of the students that actually need the help and one on one attention. For as the facilities, they are great. There isn't much diversity. But overall, the school is fine.
Fairfield High School was a large, very diverse school with many opportunities. There was a wide range of sports and clubs offered by the school which the staff was involved in. The coaching staff for these sports were very dedicated to the program all year round. The music programs were a very big part of the school also. The show choir had won many national tournaments and was very competitive. The marching band was also very competitive and won many shows away from school. The faculty was dedicated to teaching and was willing to help prepare students for college or whatever was ahead of them. Fairfield High School was all around a quality school.
For the most part, my time spent at Fairfield High school has been a wonderful experience. I've made lots of friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life. The majority of the teachers are wonderful and the office staff if very helpful.
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My years spent at Fairfield Senior High school have been my favorite years of learning. I have had the opportunity join many clubs that have helped me to grow in my community and establish new relationships. Every teacher has been very helpful and always helped me when I was struggling. In my school, there is a lot of diversity which is by far one of my favorite parts. I love learning about my peer's background and their culture.
Although most aspects of my high school are positive, there are still things that can change. One thing being the athletic programs interfering with our school days. Playing volleyball, I was sometimes pulled out of class for a game or a meeting and would miss the material for my classes, putting me behind.
I will always be proud to say that Fairfield is where I attended. I am excited to see how Fairfield High School grows. I know going to college, whether far or close to home, I am going to miss my high school.
I like the diversity and the band program.I enjoy the multiple variety of extra curricular activities and clubs
I enjoyed Fairfield High School a lot. It was a diverse community which allowed me to grow a lot personally. I loved the big sports scene the school had to offer as well. I would encourage almost anyone to get involved in athletics and any type of club. The school experience was great, however, I think the school has a couple underlying issues. Nevertheless, I made the absolute most of my high school career socially, athletically, and most importantly educationally.
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