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Fairfield High School is an excellent school! The staff is very passionate and caring about the students. Everyone here works well with others and likes to have a good time!
I really like everything about it. The teachers make an extra effort to help their students and they always are there to help students grow as individuals. The sports and clubs offered are wonderful, if a club is not offered they try to find a way to make it so that club is an option for students. There isn't really much that I do not like about this school, and it makes everyone feel welcome.
We live in a small town so they aren't too worried about a lot of things such as shootings.
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I say that it is okay because there are too many things going on and not enough people to run it. There are also a lot of kids stressed out because they are good at, or interested in, everything. This makes it hard just to choose a few clubs or sports. The teachers are also running themselves thin with all the clubs that the school makes them do. This makes it hard for them to be available when students need them. Often when I am talking to a teach I feel rushed because they always seem like they have somewhere else they would rather be.
I probably wouldn't choose this school again because it cares more about the athletic department than the academic.
I have had a lot of better teachers, however there are a few teachers here and there that do go above and beyond what is needed.
This school is very strict on drug/alcohol abuse and bullying.
Only the low-end students tend to take part in after-school programs.
I feel like I have been given an education that has prepared me for college and the real world. I have a small group of close friends who share my interests and beliefs in most things.
The teachers try to incorporate lesson plans that will suit all levels of students.
We get many things home made. Compared to other schools we are very lucky.
We do not have a school nurse but many of our teachers have multiple degrees. We are safe and are taught very good health habits.
Everyone is encouraged to stay in shape. We have no tolerance for laziness but this is easy because of the sports everyone is involved in.
It is always available but often time students only participate because there is nothing else to do.
You get peer pressure and challenges just like any other school. I would say that we accept everyone pretty well here at Fairfield, but there is some beliefs about sexual orientation that will probably never be changed.
This is not a very big school so you can get a lot of one on one time with teachers and we have the best teachers for how small our school is. The academics are hard, but they can get you ready for the next level and you can always get help. General classes and AP/honors are offered. You can pretty much take anything here that any big school has.
The policies are vague. We need stricter ones.
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I do not like going to school here. I never feel safe. I am glad it is almost over. I did like to learn in an enviornment that I have known most people since first grade.
The teachers are pretty good. I do not really feel safe here though.
The extracurriculars are very broad. There are many choices.
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