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The staff and faculty is what makes the school unique. Teachers here are genuinely invested in the wellbeing and academic success of their students.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to form deep connections with staff and teachers as well as meet many like-minded students in the various performance-based extracurricular activities.
Overall, I did not enjoy my experience. Some teachers are very lazy, and can be very rude. However, other teachers go above and beyond and are very lovely and helpful. I was not a fan of the administration either.
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The school is very involved but lacks preparing students for college. There are great support people in the school if you have questions or to talk. They are very willing to help before and after classes.
Overall my experience wasn't that bad. The teachers I had were good and they did what they could to tech me the material. The one thing I did not like about the school was the facilities. Some parts of our school were brand new for example we recently had a new science wing built onto the building and our "21st Century Room", was built recently and supposedly had some of the newer technology to help learning. Then there were other parts of our school like the library, the rooms for our Project Lead the Way classes, and one that matters specifically to me the men's restrooms. The rooms are outdated and have many problems that the district seems to overlook and then pour money into other renovations, that in my mind, are not needed. One thing about the men's restrooms. They have no stall doors...
I like Fairfield High School mainly because of the how friendly and helpful the teachers in the school are but the one thing I would like to change is how the school prepares it's students for college.
The things I liked the most at Fairfield High School are the teachers and activities. The teachers there are really supportive, friendly, and caring. The activities I was involved in created the best memories of my high school experience. The only thing I would change is the class options and preparation because there weren't many classes to choose from and not a lot of them prepare you for college.
I think that Fairfield High School was an alright school to go to, but I feel like I may not choose to go again if I had a choice because I don't feel like the courses have adequately prepared me for college and the future.
One of the strongest aspects that the school has to offer are the teachers. They are all very genuine and willing to help if you put in the effort to ask for it.
I love the school I go to, it is very supportive of me and my activities.
There are a lot of computers for use before, during, and after school. Along with many devices such as cameras, laptops, and usb drives available to checkout.
The security policies are relatively lenient but that is because there is not a lot of crime in our town.
There are salads available but there is a limit to the amount of protein you can have and the chicken or ham you put on it tastes fake.
There is a decent amount of topics to choose from but at the same time it is hard to get time with a teacher if you are involved in multiple activities.
Most of the teachers care about what they do and want to see their students excel in whatever field they wish to enter. Many of them put in the time and effort to make sure they are not just throwing information at us, and teaching us.
The administration is very involved with the students and their activities. They really know how to connect with the students. They are not very good at budgeting. The school board and the faculty do not know how to spend money efficiently.
Playing in most of the athletic events, nothing is better than scoring a touchdown and having almost everyone at our school cheering. If you don't go to the football or basketball games than you are one of very few individuals.
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There are clubs such as FBLA, FFA, Troy Banner Newspaper, Quill. There are activities such as choir, speech team, football, basketball, golf, track, cross country, wrestling, tennis, bowling, soccer, swimming, and baseball
Even though we didn't have police surrounding the school or metal detectors, we did not need any of that. The school was in a very safe location.
The academics were not bad at all. They had some room for improvement but there's only so much that can be done when it comes to a small school in the middle of Iowa.
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