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Teachers are mostly great, except for a few exceptions. The campus is nice and easy to navigate. Overall, I enjoyed my time here.
I've been having a great experience at Fairfield High. At the beginning of the year I was struggling and just felt like quitting, but the administration was very accommodating and got me back on track. The teachers were also very helpful with believing in me and not just giving up. The school clubs and activities are amazing, there is really something for everyone. The school shows that they care very much about our safety and find ways to celebrate our diversity.
I really enjoyed that the teachers, staff, and faculty at Fairfield High School seemed to really care about each one of the students. The teachers didn't act as though they were there just to go to work, get a paycheck, and leave. They all seemed genuinely invested in helping their students learn and develop into functioning members of society.
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my experience at FHS couldn't have been any better. From the academics, to the athletics, to the entertainment from the school. I loved it all and I wish I could experience another 4 years.
I enjoy Fairfield High School because it’s my second home. I’ve learned so much and hope other have had the same experience as me. The one thing I would like to see change is the attitude people have about our school.
I transferred here after two months at another school and I am infinitely glad I did. The academics and extracurriculars here are elite, without promoting unhealthy competition. The overall attitude from both students and staff is very supportive and accepting.
I love that my school has so many amazing teachers that love their job and their students. My school has many fun events like multicultural week and the talent show just to name a few. Also the school is very diverse and we get to meet new people with different backgrounds. I hope that my school will continue to be the positive school it is today.
The school tried its hardest to create a safe community for everyone. Also focused on making all students ready for college or career
As a sophomore at Fairfield High I believe that all their electives give a student a great lesson each and everyday to help them prepare for the outside world.
This school is great but there are some teachers who don't like to help kids even if you ask for help they would recommend studying more instead of helping personally. I was an A student but since I got into this school my grades started falling down. i have spend almost 3 years since then my grades are falling down each year.
At Fairfield High, they have a variety of sports options, as well as a variety of classes you can choose from. There are many really great teachers at the school who cares about your success. They will all help you and are very approachable.
As a student preparing for college, I knew very little about it. I was a part of the AVID program which, I felt, hurt me academically more than helped me. Back then, I was not sure which colleges I should have applied for, how I could have increase my chances of enrollment, where to apply for scholarships, etc. I had very little knowledge on how to prepare for my future. Fairfield High School was a very underfunded school which was why there were little resources offered. Still, the faculty and staff tried their best to educate and care for the students. My senior year, I distinctly remember the principal of the school being forced to resign due to "bullying" from the Fairfield-Suisun School District, because he tried to change the school for the better. Overall, my high school experience was less than exceptional for the reason that it did not have the resources that I needed as a student.
I was not excited about my child attending Fairfield High School. I encouraged her to get involved in the Scarlet Brigade Band color guard unit as a Freshman and that was the best thing for her. The high school band is a tight knit group of students that form a bond and help each other out in all areas of student life. The administration and teachers at Fairfield High school are great, they have great professional relationships with the students and encourage them to achieve their fullest potential. They address student issues promptly and with professionalism. I am glad my child can look back on her high school years and say she enjoyed attending Fairfield High School
There was too much drama. The way the teachers taught didn't prepare me for college. There are really good teachers and some teachers who just collect a check. The safety of the school is good because they recently built gates, but kids can still get on campus if they don't go there.
I've received many scholarship matches for me. Even though I only signed up for this recently, but I hope this site will help me as well as other students find scholarships that could help us paying for the expenses in college.
If I could do it all over, I wouldn't choose Virginia State University (VSU). The school isn't organized and the residence halls for freshman are old and run down. Lastly, I wouldn't choose an HBCU because I enjoy ethnic diversity.
All of my teachers at Virginia State University are consistent in grading, but some aren't as interactive as they could be and don't relay information efficiently.
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if ap classes are taken the academics are amazing
the school has no bullying and students are very nice
if you join the clubs they are amazing experiences, however other students don't enjoy the events that are put on
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