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Fairfield High Preparatory School Reviews

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I enjoy the small environment that Fairfield has to offer. Wit that being said, it allows the teachers to create a bond with each and every one of their students who want it. That characteristic allows the students to be able to pinpoint whey they are having academic, social, or mental problems with that close connections to all the staff.
Fairfield is a very exciting. Never a dull money there. I wouldn’t go anywhere else I’ve made friends there and built a home.
I love fairfield high Preparatory School, I wouldn’t change nothing about it . Being at Fairfield I learned alot, I even became involved in the band that changed my life.
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When most people here the name "Fairfield" the almost nearly think of the crime in the city itself. This school has given me opportunities that I couldnt imagine I'd be doing. Thanks to this school I am an early graduate, and I can honestly say it has made an big impact on my life.
Fairfield has prepared both academically and emotionally. It has provided me with the resources to grow intellectually and also to handle barriers aimed toward African Americans.
I been attending this high school since August 2017. My experience there is great! The staff are very nice to me. What I like the best was that they gave me the opportunity to graduate a year early. I transferred from another state & they worked with me, so I wouldn't be behind.
Overall, Prep has been very good. The academics and teachers are, for the most part strong, and the bomb squad and sports games are a blast. I have found that the administration can be unreasonable at times, and the S.E.E.D. diversity program could be implemented in a better way. But, I am happy with my decision to go here!
My experience at Fairfield High Preparatory School so far has been pretty good. The school mainly focus on academics and college readiness, Fairfield Offers Many Classes That allow students to earn college credit they also allow students to participate in distant learning class that are available online. The School is also not on training students for the work force if they choose not to go to college offering career Building Classes that off basic Training and even paid Internships.
The environment is not as bad as others would make it out to be. My school has helped its students emotionally and academically. Keeping the students in class was not hard since the staff and the students both had a friendly relationship which caused the school to get along.
Fairfield really helped me prepare for college, they also really cared about the students, not only education but they cared about students enough to build a relationship with the students and make it there mission to help each student individually.
I enjoy my time at Fairfield. The school has dual-enrollment courses to help get students ahead when they go to college and all of the teachers are involved in students' academics. The students are a pain for the most part, but if one can look past them, the school is pretty decent.
My experience at Fairfield High Preparatory School is an nonexchangeable moment. Attending this school allows training and development of leadership, citizenship, and responsibility. Fairfield High demonstrates the new beginning of a great society. Things that could be changed would include the settings of the classrooms, how and what they feed in the cafeteria, and the teachers' acknowledgements (i.e. when a student is asking for assistance the teacher should respectfully acknowledge their question with respect).
I love the clubs and schools events the clubs are very involved in most f the school events than just the administration and faculties setting up the events
It's okay, just very strict now, we barely have parties because of some of the bad kids up here but you can get good education up here at the prep. I just believe we deserve more fun events to do and attend, the good shouldn't suffer with the bad at all.
The teachers are really helpful and very knowledgeable. They help us and get us ready for college,they give good advice and strive for success
Some teachers care about the students and some doesn't
I love this school so much. It taught me a lot and prepared me for college. By getting involve in sports and organizations is a great way to make the school, what you want it to be.
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Fairfield was a great school because it gave you opportunity to choose your major. It helped you a lot with being comfortable in college. It prepares you for college on a high base of knowledge. The teachers are very helpful with guiding you to the right source of study. They main thing about high school was to get us ready for College.
It's not the best school but its not the worst either. I just wish parents paid attention to their children grades and stop getting mad at the teachers when the student skips class and fails.
The social scene here is very bad, and it gives our school a bad name. The rating on peer pressure is so bad that one of our school's freshman student died from being pressured to fight over social media.
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