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Fairfield Community High School Reviews

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Fairfield Community High School was a great place to learn. Sure it had its down sides but overall it was a great experience. I made many good friends and had some great teachers that were always willing to help out with whatever I needed help with. The sports were great to be a part of and the support from the community is wild. Every Friday night half the town is down at the train yard to watch the boys beat whoever we may face on the football field.
At Fairfield Community High School, I had a very good experience. The staff is very friendly and will stop at nothing to try and help and student succeed. we just put a brand new sports complex in using the money from the State Farm grant got by our Ag teacher, Curt Robbins. The environment is very safe and we have a patrol officer in the school during visiting hours.
I like going here. I feel safe and have great teachers. My classes I have taken have been beneficial to me. I am in many extra curricular activities and I enjoy them
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Small town school that really cares about the students. The teachers take the time to work with students both individually and as a whole.
Teachers are willing to help and get to know you as a student. The teachers are very friendly and very easy to talk to about homework assignments.
I enjoyed my time at FCHS and had made many memories here. The teachers helped me apply for college and read over my scholarship applications for me and helped me make changes where they were best. The dual credit offered here is what I took advantage of the most and I am thankful I did because it has saved me money in the long run.
I love all my teachers! They really did the best possible to help me get ready for college. The principal really cared about all the students and made sure that they felt safe and felt like they could talk to her about anything.
I think FCHS is a great school. My entire family graduated from this school. It has a strong athletic program as well as scholar bowl programs.
I really love going to school here because there is a lot of student to teacher interaction all over the school. Not only that but there are so many nice people there and everyone is open to who you are as an individual!
My experience at FCHS has made me enjoy the four years and helping achieve my goals. The only change I would prefer is having to have a study hall sometimes when there is other options that is open to us. I also enjoy having drivers Ed and keyboarding as a class instead of having to go somewhere different to take the courses.
I really liked the fact that is was a small school with fairly small classes. We had a good student to teacher ratio. The building was very old but had been renovated. It had most of the technology that I needed.
It's very secure at school.
There are many different clubs that FCHS has.
My favorite thing about my school is the dress up weeks and homecoming week it the best thing about High School.
The school offers quite a few extracurricular opportunities.
I've enjoyed attending this school and would choose to come here again if I got to pick.
The teachers all seem pretty nice and willing to help if a student needs it.
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its a small town we are all pretty much the same race
many subjects are taught at different levels: honors,regular, and a class for those who need special help
fairly diverse subject wise most are career orientated
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