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Fairfield College Preparatory School Reviews

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Fairfield Prep is an all boys high school, preparing their student for college. Over the course of my 3 years at Fairfield Prep, I have had a lot of great experience with my other students. Some things being the retreat, clubs and even brotherhood amongst my peers. Fairfield Prep has definitely helped me grow socially and academically.
Prep's greatest asset is the boys themselves. They don't compete with each other but rather work together as a team to be successful. They really encourage each other to work hard and do their best. My older son now at UVA feels he was extremely well prepared for college and is finding classes easily manageable. I'm impressed with the new teachers Prep has recently recruited. They not only have impressive resumes but bring an enthusiasm that the boys have really noticed.
My son has truly found his place at Fairfield Prep. He is academically challenged by his teachers and the curriculum, but also really supported by the faculty. They truly care about the boys and the men they will become. We love Prep for the academic rigor, but even more for the emphasis on personal growth, service to others, personal excellence, and the motto that the students really embrace, "being a man for others".
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Fairfield Prep offers an excellent and enriching college preparatory education to boys. I have brothers and many friends who have benefited from a Fairfield Prep education focusing on developing the whole person. The extracurricular activities offered are varied and interesting. The young men form life long bonds with their classmates. It truly a special place.
Prep has been a life changing experience for our son. The community, the academics, the sports have all contributed to an outstanding high school experience for him and our family.
Fairfield Prep was the best decision we could have made for our son. Over the four years at Prep, they helped him to grow from a boy to a man and truly be a Man for Others. Fairfield Prep educates the whole person- academically, spiritually and socially. Fairfield Prep has strong athletic programs but also so much more. The multitude of clubs and activities give all of the boys the opportunity to get involved and pursue their interests. Prep has prepared our son for college and beyond. The lifelong friendships and lessons he has learned at Prep are invaluable.
Despite the recent negative news regarding this school, I have a few things to say to any parent thinking of sending their child here or student who hopes of going here. First and foremost, the actions displayed at the game do not, in any way, reflect the beliefs of our student body. We are all upstanding young men, and the school spirit here is unmatched by any high school in the country and most colleges out there. The academics are great, the teachers are great, and the athletics are great; it is unfortunate that the actions of a few graduating seniors tainted our school in this way.
I feel that I was not given the help I needed from the Boughton Academic Center. Other students were placed with tutors for extra help. I was not. No one asked me if I needed or wanted help. I was told to go to the academic center daily, but received no support.
Excellent curriculum to prepare young men for college. Teaches boys how to become handle themselves as men.
Reinforces ethical, moral, and responsible lifestyles by reinforcing Jesuit values. Every student has the objective of advancing to college. Strong brotherhood.
I have had A great experience at Prep. The community of kids are very welcoming and nice and the teachers are always willing to help. The food is a little over priced though which could be changed.
Schools chill af. Very interactive with students and a lot of diversity. But School is best for its food
My experience has been okay. I didn't want to attend Fairfield Prep in the beginning but I'm sort of glad I did. I was able to have good teacher from whom I learned from and the facilities available are nice to have, like a school library or laboratory or even a cafeteria just for students. I just wish I realized how many books were there so I could read them in peace and quiet.
My experience at Fairfield College Preparatory School has prepared me not only for college but for life. The academics are rigorous with very supportive teachers and staff. Being "Men for Others" is an everyday thread at Prep. Weekly Christian service that you choose is part of your routine. The opportunity to explore your spirituality at Prep is also engaging with Theology and Social Ethics classes, campus ministry and retreats that are offered. The sports culture at Prep is a preview of your college years. There is no lack of school spirit in this all boys Jesuit high school. Playing soccer, rugby and weightlifting at our school gym helped strengthen my core and mental focus on the field. Prep's campus is suburban and beautiful all four seasons.
My experience at Fairfield College Preparatory School was very good. The school has a strong sense of brotherhood, felt at the sporting events, in the classroom, or during other extracurricular activities. Sense of community is also very present. Teachers and students will form meaningful relationships.
I feel like Fairfield prep encourages a strong educational base offering the basic courses needed for college but lacks any extra courses that nurture the interests of the individual students.
I had a great experience at Fairfield Prep. At Prep there is a true sense of belonging. Whether it's from your fellow classmates, who, in my experience, are accepting of everyone. Or it's from your teachers, who are willing to do whatever to help you succeed. The best thing about Prep is that everyone there seems to care about the students' success, as well as their whole person.
Best school in the area. Great faculty and you have even better classmates. It is a fantastic experience and worth every dollar you pay.
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Send you back to class mostly
Know a lot of people in clubs
Most of the teachers here have been here 10+ years