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My experience with the school Fairfield Christian Academy has overall been good, even though it is a small school so there are not a lot of options on sports such as soccer and wrestling, I would like that to change but the school does a good job on preparing its students for college.
I do not recommend people to go to Fairfield Christian Academy. There are many cliques, people are judgmental and you can't trust anyone so I always keep things to myself. The only good thing I have had at FCA is meeting my two best friends, Allie and Alaina. I do cheer and that is the only enjoyment I get out of this place.
Love the atmosphere, being around other Christians. No worries about drugs or bullying. Parents are involved and friendly.
Most of the teachers are very good.
Do not like the common core, but understand it is needed to help students pass the state tests.
Great sports program.
Some politics involving sports, employees children/relatives shown some favoritism but that probably happens at every school. Overall, great school and would put my children there again.
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At Fairfield Christian Academy, I have been introduced to good Christian teachers. They have not only helped me learn, but they have also helped me grow spiritually. The teachers here are always there for me when I need to talk about school work or to tell them about how my day is going. While at Fairfield Christian Academy, I have met many people who have been my friends for many years. They have grown up similarly to the same core values as I have.
The biggest thing that I can tell you is that the teachers were the only thing that really makes this school great. They care and are always willing to help, not only with academics but also with other personal problems as well. However, that being said, the rules at times regarding such things like dress code were ridiculous. People who were favorited got away with a lot, as others were punished. This happened with a lot not only with dress code but other rules as well. Mind you, this school is K-12 and I was there for all of it, so I have really great knowledge of the school. Worst part about the school... definitely the students, spoiled and cocky, but you can’t really change that.
Fairfield Christian Academy offers students a chance to explore more then just one path to college readiness. While the class sizes remain small, each path is designed specific to the students needs and commendations. The guidance counselor center is great in helping each student if they so choose to have the help. This school is large enough for you to form different friendships but also small enough for a close knit feeling.
Fairfield Christian Academy properly prepared me to go to college. I knew what it meant to work hard for what I wanted before attending college and I feel as if I have benefitted from this greatly. The teachers at FCA had the students best interest at heart and made it their mission to properly prepare us for college.
There is very great teachers and administration here at FCA. There are some that will go ABOVE and beyond for your kids and some that are the worst people I have ever met. This school relies a lot on "who you know" and how much money you have. Its very bias to some kids if they are good at sports or parents involved in the school. They should spend more time hiring administration that care about the school and the kids spirituality. Yes they have chapel and bible class, however not a lot of love it shown by hired staff to the kids (with exceptions). Sports are very good but some sports will always get priority over others. Teachers in junior+senior year do a GREAT job at prepping for college. Absolutely fantastic and guidance councilor is great and here to help and get in and get things ready for college. Overall okay school but administration isn't great and things need fixing.
There were many things to love about FCA. First of all, they push for high academic scores and are great at getting results in their students. They are very encouraging when it comes to finding and preparing for the right college. Since it is a small school, there aren't a lot of extracurricular opportunities, but there are plenty. I joined the archery team and was a cheerleader for two years for the football team. I enjoyed the activities that I participated in and when I first started attending there, there were welcoming parties held by the student government. Even at the parties, there was an overall Christian feel, the students and the staff are passionate about their religion and someone who believes deeply in their faith, I really appreciated this. Everyone in the school is very kind, the teachers are friendly and helpful and everyone is reaching for the same goal: success of the student, in academics and their future.
FCA is a great place where all kinds of kids can find something to participate in. I have 4 children there, spread out through high school, junior high and elementary, and they all feel like they belong to a family. The older students pay attention to my younger kids. There is something for everyone, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track, softball, cross country, marching band, choir, drama, quiz team, math competitions, awesome media/tech, science fairs...if you aren't a part of something there, you could be.
I loved and flourished having individual attention in the classroom. I felt that I had a safe environment to grow and learn.
My experience at FCA was beneficial but narrow in scope. It pushed you towards excellence in academics and extracurricular activities, but did not encourage much intellectual hospitality towards different ideas in my opinion.
FCA well prepared me and gave me the opportunity to outshine others in the area. I feel prepared for college and my future career.
I came to this school my sophomore year of high school. It was hard to get connected with people, but I have made many good friends. I love how the teachers care about you and want to help you in any way they can. Overall this is a great school.
There are a variety of after-school activities one can become involved in ranging from an Academic Quiz Team to Bible studies.
I would choose this school any day because of the small class sizes and caring teachers. Due to the small class sizes, teachers are able to much more easily focus on each student's weakness and even provide outside help as needed.
All of the teachers at the school are extremely involved in the students academic, and even spiritual and personal, life. They genuinely care about each student and want everyone to succeed.
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I feel as if everything is always clean for the most part except for the time there was poop in the hallway!
I participation in Student Council and Choir and I loved it, I had so much doing it!:) And I did not participate in Ski Club but I wished I did!
I truly love FCA and I feel as if it was my parents best decision ever to make me go to FCA but every school has it's flaws and there always a few little things but I still LOVE FCA and never regret going there.
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