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They have great teachers, students, and etc. I would change the lunch menu around a little bit. The Teacher will only get mad at you if your behavior is bad, you don't do you work, and if you hygiene bad. The lunch menu is horrible same stuff every week except on occasions. Food is always healthy.
The school I great for the most part. The teachers put their best foot forward in helping their students succeed. One thing I would change at this school is how open they are to different sexualities. I would also change how the cheerleaders and tennis players have no facility for practicing.
School morale is pretty high and students are active in school activities. They make sure that we are well prepared for life after high school and offer support whenever students may need it. One problem is the use of IXLs which can be highly stressful to complete in a short amount of time. They can either help grades or hurt them.
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Attending Fairfield Central is by far one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers, faculty, staff, and district officials really see the value in developing close relationships with the students. Fairfield Central is filled with people who put you and your academic achievement first. I would not want to attend school anywhere else.
Just Don't Attend This School. No Disrespect To The School, But It's Terrible!

My experience at FCHS has been a decent journey with a few struggles, but overall it wasn't too difficult. The only thing I would've changed is the time school starts. 8:00 affects many people being able to get to school on time
There are many things that I like about my school. My school feels like a home, filled with family. We have the best environment, for almost any type of students. I think that the administration at Fairfield Central sets a very positive and welcoming feeling.
I have been attending Fairfield Central High School since the 9th grade and it has been the best high school experience ever. The teachers are very involve with everything at the school and the safety here is amazing. Last of them all we have the best principal ever. She is nice, beautiful, very smart and funny and serious when she needs to be. Also she makes sure all her students have the same benefit and are safe everyday they come to school.
Well, through out my current four years at FCHS I enjoyed playing sports and the wonderful teaching staff. I made many friends, and our bond have grown to be most unbreakable. Fairfield Central High, help mold me into the young man I am today.
I think my experience was very tough, but I made it throughout my last year in high school. It wasn't easy, but I pull through like a champ. Sometimes, I would always think negative about myself that I would never accomplish nothing in life, but I prove others in the world that they're wrong. I believe I can can succeed in the real world.
Fairfield Central High School is a school with a renewed reputation of hardworking and improving students. We are a school where every student is participating in some way to enable our small town of Winnsboro to flourish. Our students are part of programs like STEM and have the opportunity to take college classes at Midlands Tech. We here at Fairfield Central High School carry the best and the brightest and are ready to make the future great.
One thing that I loved about Fairfield Central High is the teachers. They truly care about their students and aren't afraid to serve out tough love. I wish that the food was a little better because after a long day of work, it's nice to have a decent enough meal to help get through the rest of the day.
I like that the school is diverse and it's many clubs and organizations to choose from so you want never find anything that you don't like.
Fairfield Central High is a good school overall, but it was times when the grade of the school dropped. The teachers are great and they are willing toe work with the kids.
I love the administration and they are very welcoming here. I transferred here at the beginning of August.
This is a great school for your kid to go to along with the career center next door for your child to get hands on work with the best teachers working there so your child can know what line of work or what college they will attend while attending there wether that be barbering, medical terminology, engineering, computer animation and so much more availiable. Fairfield will hold a special place in my heart abundantly I will miss the great teachers and the learning environment along with friends and family there.The school is the best and has the greatest clubs and activities to apply to for after school. Fairfield central is the best hands down.
What i liked of my school is the teachers and the principal of how they teached. The principal and all the teachers would be so helpful. They would love to teach and also show love to the students
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My experience at fairfield central high school have been a learning experience. I have learned to be more focus on my goals and what I want to gain in my life. Fairfield central have amazing teachers that really work very hard for all their students to learn. Also the teachers want everyone of their students to have what they need to someday go off to college or the workforce. Mainly make a impact on the world,where they come from. We also have a great principal Ms Swilley she can in as a principal when I was in the 9 grade and I now a senior. She very nice she love all her students really to me she like a second mom. So fairfield central high school have been great meh me and I learned alot. What will I like to change nothing because going to this school taught me alot and I will never forget.
Fairfield Central leaves you with a great overall experience with the teachers, school size, after school programs, and sports along with a lot of friendly peers, friends and family to communicate with. The school gives you a great chance to graduate with your associates degree before entering college with the stem program which is amazing along with the new and improved Fairfield Central Career and Technology Center offering students a chance to get hands on learning about cooking, engineering, computer designing, the list goes on which is a great deal for Fairfield county. I will miss this school when I leave because there is so much they can offer including the excellent staff and guidance counselors that make sure each and every student is on track before time for graduation.
I attend Fairfield Central High School and honestly I love it . We have teachers , staff & administrators that really care about the students. They also are very involved in what we do. We are a very close school .
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